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Calls Needed Today To Protect Wildlife!

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  • AZVegan
    Message from Humane Society of the United States In Arizona- Your voice is needed to oppose two bills that are being considered by the full House. Please call
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2010
      Message from Humane Society of the United States In Arizona-

      Your voice is needed to oppose two bills that are being considered by the full House.

      Please call your two state Representatives today and ask them to VOTE NO on HCR2008 and HB2189. Both bills have passed the Committee of the Whole and could be voted on by the full House any day, so we need calls now to let legislators know that their constituents are opposed to these bills. (Even if you have already called on these bills, please call again to remind your legislators that you are urging them to vote NO!)

      To find your two state Representatives, visit http://www.humanesociety.org/stateleglookup or http://www.azleg.gov/alisStaticPages/HowToContactMember.asp Please only call your own Representatives - they need to hear from their constituents!

      HCR2008 - constitutional rights; hunting and fishing
      This far overreaching constitutional amendment would limit the ability of the legislature, the Arizona Game & Fish Department, and Arizona voters to determine wildlife policy in the state. The bill states, "no rule shall be adopted that unreasonably restricts hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife or the use of traditional means and methods." The basic principles of wildlife management and conservation in this country allow for season dates, bag limits, prohibitions on certain methods, and other reasonable restrictions to protect wildlife.

      The North American conservation model is based on the principle that wildlife belongs to all citizens, held in trust by government. HCR2008 could remove this fundamental principle and tie the hands of the legislature and the agency responsible for protecting Arizona's wildlife. Lawmakers and voters should not tie their hands when it comes to evaluating reasonable restrictions on wildlife issues, by setting up a new system of regulation in the state constitution.

      HB 2189 - game and fish commission recommendation board
      This bill would create a five-member Appointment Recommendation Board that would recommend G&F Commission candidates to the Governor. The Governor could ONLY pick Commissioners from a small group of approved candidates. Not only would this add an unnecessary layer to the appointment process, but the bill specifies that only certain people could serve on the Appointment Recommendation Board. This severely limits who could be appointed to the G&F Commisssion, creating a system that would not properly represent the citizens of Arizona. These bills are even opposed by the Arizona Game & Fish Commission, itself! (There are two bills on this same subject, HB 2189 and SB1200. SB1200 has already passed through the full Senate, so it also needs to be voted down by the House!)

      A quick call will help a great deal! Please call today to speak with a staffer directly. If you have to leave a message on the machine, please ask for a call-back to make sure they got it. You can ask how the Representative will be voting on these issues and if the staffer does not know, ask for a call back. Of course, always be very polite and thank the staffer for his or her time.
      It's as easy as thisÂ…
      "Hi, my name is XXX and I am a constituent from District XX. I'm calling to urge Representative XXXX to VOTE NO on, HCR2008 - constitutional rights; hunting and fishing AND HB 2189 - game and fish commission recommendation board." If you would like to say more, please do!

      Please let me know how your calls go! You can send a quick note to knienstedt@...
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