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Election Day Info- Humane Candidates

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  • AZVegan
    Message from Humane Voters of Arizona Greetings Humane Voters Friends & Volunteers, If you have not visited our website lately, please do. The general
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2008
      Message from Humane Voters of Arizona

      Greetings Humane Voters Friends & Volunteers,

      If you have not visited our website lately, please do. The general
      election endorsements are up including recommendations for county
      attorney candidates. Check them out, and see if candidates in your
      district have responded to our questionnaire. If they haven't, please
      contact them.

      Special thanks go out to Lisa & Joe Hamilton. They set up an
      information table for HVA at Green Restaurant in Tempe (thanks also to
      Chef Damon Brasch who owns Green). Lisa says they talked to about 100
      people! They let people know about HVA, reminded them to register to
      vote and told them about Proposition 105, and asked them to vote NO to
      protect initiative rights in Arizona.

      Humane Voters of Arizona is a member of The Voters of Arizona, a
      diverse coalition of groups opposing Prop 105, the so-called "Majority
      Rules" initiative, a misleading amendment to the Arizona State
      Constitution. It would require that nearly every initiative placed on
      the ballot by citizens must receive the support of a majority of all
      registered voters, not just those that cast a vote. That means under
      Prop 105, "non-voters" would automatically be given a NO vote and
      counted toward the final vote tally. As you know, Arizona's citizen
      initiative process is our best tool for protecting animals. When the
      state legislature refused to act, volunteers took animal protection
      issues directly to the public. Voters passed laws that banned cruel
      traps and poisons on our public lands, outlawed cockfighting, and
      banned the cruel confinement of pregnant pigs and calves raised for
      veal. Had Prop 105 been in place, none of these initiatives would
      have passed.

      Sponsors of Prop 105 include fast-food, alcohol, and tobacco
      industries, which have raised millions of dollars to pass this
      deceptive measure. The NO on Prop 105 campaign needs volunteers to
      get our message out before the general election. If you can help
      please let us know.

      Can you help an animal-friendly candidate in your area? HVA-endorsed
      candidates need volunteers to distribute campaign materials and staff
      polling places on Election Day. Please consider volunteering for
      candidates that support animal protection. Send us an email and we'll
      direct you to a candidate that needs your help.

      South Tucson Voters: VOTE YES ON PROP 401! Humane Voters of Arizona
      urges a YES Vote on the Tucson Dog Protection Act (South Tucson city
      initiative). Visit their website for more information on the
      initiative and how you can help.

      Please let your friends and family know about Humane Voters of
      Arizona, and remind your contacts in California to vote YES on Prop 2,
      which would ban the cruel confinement of pregnant pigs, veal calves,
      and laying hens.
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