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Farm Sanctuary's Advocacy Campaign Team

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  • AZVegan
    Message from Farm Sanctuary: Join Farm Sanctuary s Advocacy Campaign Team Each one of us has the power to make a difference for the approximately 10 billion
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2008
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      Message from Farm Sanctuary:

      Join Farm Sanctuary's Advocacy Campaign Team

      Each one of us has the power to make a difference for the
      approximately 10 billion animals slaughtered in the U.S every year.
      Our individual powers are maximized even more when we work together on
      organized campaigns. That’s where Farm Sanctuary's Advocacy Campaign
      Team (ACT) comes in, and we need you to get involved!

      ACT is the mobilizing force behind Farm Sanctuary's mission to end
      cruelty to and create a kinder world for farm animals. ACT advocates
      for laws and policies that prevent suffering and promote compassion by
      reaching out to legislators, businesses, restaurants, veterinarians,
      media, and other influential members of society. ACT also educates the
      public about factory farming and cruelty-free living.

      Whether you prefer distributing educational leaflets, writing letters
      to editors of newspapers, lobbying legislators, engaging in everyday
      activism, or helping with events once a year, there is an important
      role and place for you in ACT!

      To enable ACT members to successfully and more easily advocate for
      farm animals, we are expanding our cache of tools and resources to
      include more how-to guides and tip sheets. We’ll also be creating some
      special ACT teams to focus on tasks like responding to farm animal
      topics covered in the news.

      As a member of ACT, you will receive a monthly electronic ACT UPDATE,
      featuring actions you can take for farm animals, breaking campaign
      news, new or improved advocacy tools, everyday activism tips, and
      feedback from team members. These updates will be sent to you in
      addition to Farm Sanctuary's bi-weekly e-newsletter. We'll also
      contact you when opportunities exist in your local area to attend
      legislative hearings, staff outreach tables, or take other actions for
      farm animals.

      ACT is perfect for seasoned and budding activists who want to stop
      factory farming
      abuses. We're here to hook you up with others of like minds and guide
      you along the way. Together, we can make a difference for farm animals!

      ACT NOW!
      Joining ACT is easy. Just fill out the online form at:
      http://www.farmsanctuary.org/get_involved/act/activist_form.html. And
      remember, a compassionate world begins with you.

      Note: Farm Sanctuary’s Advocacy Campaign Team is a re-energized
      version of the Activist Network, complete with new leadership and
      sharper, stronger vision. If you belong to the Activist Network, you
      are now automatically part of ACT. Welcome aboard!
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