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87Ask Maricopa County to Deny Covance Permit

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  • AZVegan
    May 2, 2007
      Message from ADLA:

      As you know, Covance, a contract laboratory, plans to build a large
      animal testing facility in Chandler. This company has a record of
      animal abuse including a recent USDA fine for violations of the Animal
      Welfare Act. Covance is also the largest U.S. importer of non-human
      primates, and has brought Ebola into the US, as well as other diseases
      that slipped past its quarantine. The proposed Chandler facility will
      house approximately 170,000 animals each year, most of which will be
      killed in experiments. Covance has refused to disclose to the public
      or government agencies how it plans to dispose of its diseased and
      contaminated animal carcasses.

      Whether Covance builds its own incinerator, contracts with another
      crematory, or dumps carcasses in a landfill, it will pollute our
      community's environment. There is simply no good way to dispose of
      thousands of animal carcasses that have been injected with
      concentrated amounts of chemicals, including pesticides and
      experimental drugs. Moreover, Maricopa County has been ordered to
      reduce air pollutants by December, 2007 or lose $1 billion in highway
      funds. At a time when we are struggling to clean Arizona's air, it is
      irresponsible to build a facility that will emit significant amounts
      of toxins into our community.


      Public comments are currently being accepted by Maricopa County Air
      Quality Department. Please submit a brief statement concerning how
      you feel Covance's proposed facility will impact our community.
      Written comments must be either faxed or mailed to the agency and
      received by Friday, May 4, 2007 by 5:00 p.m. (Unfortunately emails
      will not be accepted).

      Fax comments to Permit Engineer Sara Seuberling at (602) 506-6985

      Or Mail to:

      Maricopa County Air Quality Department
      1001 N. Central Ave. Suite 400
      Phoenix , AZ 85004
      Attention: Sara Seuberling

      Comments should focus specifically on Covance's air quality permit.
      The County Air Quality Department needs to know that the public is
      concerned about the negative impact that Covance will have on Arizona.
      Below are examples of points to make. It is most effective to put
      comments into your own words.

      Covance's air quality permit should be denied because its application
      is incomplete due to Covance's refusal to disclose how it plans to
      dispose of thousands of animal carcasses that have been contaminated
      with chemicals, including pesticides and experimental drugs.

      Before being granted a permit Covance must disclose any plans to build
      an on site incinerator, or affirmatively confirm that it has no plans
      to build an incinerator, and acknowledge that such request would be a
      material permit amendment, requiring full public notice, comment and

      If Covance contracts with another incinerator company it must reveal
      the name and location of that facility and how carcasses and waste
      will be transported. Since Covance alone will be emitting more of
      some toxins than all other county crematories combined, the public has
      the right to know the proximity of the incinerator to residences and

      Considering that Covance imports primates from a factory farm in Asia
      and little is known about what agents they are exposed to, imported
      primates may carry transmissible diseases not detected by quarantine.
      Consideration should be given to the potential for transmission of
      disease and environmental impact of incinerating diseased carcasses.

      To read Covance's proposed air quality permit click here or copy and
      paste this link into your server address box:

      Arizona Republic article on air quality hearing:

      For further information contact us at adla@...