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82Contact Channel 3 Cooking Show & Methode Bistro

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  • AZVegan
    Apr 5, 2007
      Alert sent by a concerned viewer: "I was catching the news today
      from 11am-Noon - Channel 3 (AZ Family) has a cooking segment at the
      end of the broadcast each day. Today - I witnessed something I
      couldn't believe - I'm sick to my stomach. They were cooking "live"
      lobsters on a very hot grill and the lobsters were struggling,
      twisting and turning trying to get away. They died before my eyes.
      I have never seen anything like it - I'm calling the restaurant and
      Channel 3 expressing my outrage - you might want to do the same."

      From another viewer: "it shows a lobster that the chef said was
      split in half off camera. The lobster is moving a little and the
      reporter jokingly remarks that it `sure is fresh'. The chef places
      the cut in half lobster on the grill, and it starts moving around
      like it's trying to get off the grill, moving its legs, tail, and
      tentacles. Eventually it stops. Although it would seem that cutting
      the lobster in half would kill it immediately and so what we saw were
      nerve reactions, it seemed to be moving around more than mildly

      Please contact the restaurant and Channel 3 to express your

      Methode Bistro
      6204 N Scottsdale Rd
      Paradise Valley
      Restaurant's website: www.methodebistro.net/home.aspx
      The chef's name is Matt McLinn: matt@...
      AZ Family feedback site

      For additional information on lobsters and their ability to feel
      pain, please visit: http://www.lobsterlib.com