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70Act NOW - Bill Could Overturn Prop 204 in Five Years

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  • Kari Nienstedt
    Feb 4, 2007
      ADLA Legislative Alert: Bill Could Overturn Prop 204 in Five Years

      State lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow the
      Legislature to overturn Prop 204 (Humane Farms Initiative), despite
      the fact that voters overwhelmingly approved the measure.

      SCR 1015, referenda and initiatives; legislative restrictions
      (C.Gray, Allen, Bee, Burns, Flake) authorizes the Legislature to
      repeal, amend, or supersede an initiative five years after voter

      To access bill text and details go to:

      Remember Last Session?
      In 2006 lawmakers tried to pass a measure targeting the Humane Farms
      Initiative. The fact that Prop 204 has now been voted into law
      apparently isn't going to prevent legislators from again trying to
      kill it.

      In 1998 voters passed Prop 105, a Constitutional amendment which
      forbids the Legislature from repealing initiatives passed by voters.
      SCR 1015 would amend Prop 105 to allow lawmakers to revoke or amend
      initiatives five years after the election. If SCR 1015 passes it
      would appear on the 2008 ballot.

      Why This Bill is So Dangerous
      If this bill passes, the Legislature could overturn Prop 204, the
      Humane Farm Law, in five years – before the law even takes effect.
      And since the bill as written is retroactive, lawmakers could also
      repeal the citizens' initiatives that banned trapping and

      This bill will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday,
      February 5. Please contact committee members and urge them to Vote
      NO on SCR 1015. If you volunteered on Prop 204 or other initiatives,
      let them know. If your Senator is a committee member, let him or her
      know that you are a voter in their district.

      Chuck Gray 602.926.5288 cgray@...
      Ron Gould 602.926.4138 rgould@...
      Ken Cheuvront 602.926.5325 kcheuvront@...
      Albert Hale 602.926.4323 ahale@...
      Karen Johnson 602.926.3160 kjohnson@...
      Richard Miranda 602.926.5911 rmiranda@...
      Jim Waring 602.926.4916 jwaring@...

      Thank you for forwarding any responses you receive to

      Thanks for your help!
      Animal Defense League of Arizona