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49Covance: A Scientist's Perspective- Tonight- 9/14 7pm in Chandler

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  • az4animals
    Sep 14, 2006
      "Covance: A Scientist's Perspective," a talk by Dr. Debra Durham,
      Primate Specialist for PETA

      Thursday, September 14th at 7 pm

      Chandler Community Center , 125 E. Commonwealth Avenue , Rm. 206
      (adjacent to the library)

      Dr. Debra Durham, an anthropologist with a Ph.D. in animal behavior
      and more than 10 years of field and laboratory experience working
      with primates and primate issues, will weigh in on the debate over
      whether Covance should be permitted to build a new testing facility
      in Chandler. In her public lecture, Dr. Durham will discuss the
      behavioral needs of primates as well as Covance's failure to meet
      these needs. To illustrate the suffering that primates endure in
      laboratories, Dr. Durham will walk the audience through video footage
      that shows monkeys in a Covance laboratory who are circling
      frantically in their cages, pulling out their hair, and chewing their
      own flesh. She will also discuss the public health concerns
      associated with Covance's importation of primates from Asia .

      Please forward this to anyone who may be interested.