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129Primary Election-September 2nd

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  • AZVegan
    Sep 1, 2008
      Message from Humane Voters of Arizona-

      Need Help on Primary Election Day?

      Do you need help on Tuesday to select candidates that support animal
      protection? Humane Voters of Arizona (HVA) is an all volunteer,
      non-partisan organization that supports candidates who care about
      animals and animal protection. Electing those candidates is the most
      crucial step in enacting animal protection laws. Because of their
      charitable status with the IRS, other animal protection groups are
      prohibited from endorsing candidates. HVA is the only statewide animal
      protection organization permitted to participate in candidate campaigns.

      The 2008 Legislative Report and Scorecards are posted on the new
      Humane Voters website at www.HumaneVotersArizona.org . Also posted
      are HVA endorsements for candidates in contested primary races, and
      candidate questionnaires that we've received so far. Many thanks to
      Sal Prano who designed the website and to Carrie Singer who designed
      the HVA logo.

      We hope to get more surveys back for the general election where most
      of the races that HVA is tracking will be decided. If your candidates
      do not appear on the 2008 Questionnaire page, it would be helpful if
      you could contact them as a constituent and volunteer with Humane
      Voters of Arizona and request that they return the completed

      We hope to hold a fundraising event this fall, and are in the early
      planning stages. If you would like to help with the event please let
      us know.

      Thank you for your interest in electing animal-friendly lawmakers.
      Please contact us if you have any questions about the upcoming primary
      election on September 2nd. Please remember HVA is an all volunteer
      organization, and volunteers will endeavor to respond as quickly as

      Humane Voters of Arizona