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1803Fw: Ind. Day and Aug. 4th & 5th Timeline

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  • Gary Daniel
    Jul 6, 2012
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      From: Gary Daniel <trooperdaniel62@...>
        Our Ind. Day thing went off real well. We had a whole 3 Confederate Infantrymen & 2 U.S. INF., Batt. B (with Richard Rice there in his  Zouave outfit), as well Myself and the horse and a Mountain Man on Sat. Lots of kiddie rides! It was hot but we had SHADE! Beautiful SHADE! Sunday had some cloud cover and was cooler.....a little cooler. We alternated Artillery and Musket Demos every hour both days. The horse went far away for the Artillery...still green to the guns. Also had some strawbales to bayonet. It was a bushell of fun and passle of crowd and a peck of discomforture (Heat). 80 degrees is hot for us mountain folk. Fortunately a breeze came up every now and again and made things pleasant. We had the Folk Festival at the same time which actually cut down our crowd numbers because it cost $3.oo to get in and we are usually for free. The folks that did show up were there for the music...not the war mongers..Ha! We had a decent amount of interest though. Special thanks to Robert of the 6th TX. and whatever LA. Regiment, for coming up from PHX. and taking charge of the Inf. and training 3 green volunteers into a formitable fighting...um.. well..er..contingent! 
       Aug. 4&5 will be a time line event at the same Pioneer Museum here in Flag. It will be cooler than PHX. for sure. Might have thunderstorms but I can't do nuthin' no how 'bout that. Think about coming up to beat the heat. Use the opportunity to do some training and recruiting and advertising the Sept. Battles at Tuthill. Our events are really laid back. A blanket with some stuff for show and tell, some demos, and maybe a skirmish or two depending on the numbers. The Pioneer Museum is the Arizona Historical Society and they could really use some support up here. They have taken over Riordan Mansion State Park and are stretched to the limit. We want to develope more Living History programs and we are doing the best we can. Come up and see what we are up to. You might like it.
        Once again, Come early to set up and stay later if you want. Get the most out of your trip up North and discover Flagstaff. This is not just military and if you have some thing to make and sell that would be O.K,. this time, for free. If you make a bundle you could make a donation to the museum which would be much appreciated.
        Tell everyone! We want to establish a mid Summer event while noone is doing stuff down in Hel...I mean PHX. or anywhere off the Plateau.
                     "Trooper" Gary Daniel  928 310 4933 
        ps If you let me know that you are coming I will plan to feed you Sat. night. Please post to your memberships. Thanx