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Planning is necessary if you want to succeed in Exams

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      Hi there

      There are so many certification exams but one thing is common between them; when preparing for them they all require 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration.

      But unfortunately majority of student do the complete opposite and therefore they find themselves struggling to cope with the course. A simple plan can bring all the difference in the world. If you take step-by-step approach you will definitely be able to cover the whole course. Not only that, but also your confidence level with get higher every day and at the end you will get the result you are looking for.

      Most students find difficult to make a plan for the course. They have more notes, books, cds, questions from the online tuition providers etc than the library but still they just sit there and go through looking at them without any plan. Hours after hours, day by day they do the same thing without any effective study. They figure that these are not enough so they even try to get more, chase friends and tutors, email group members of different communities to send them more. They like collecting notes but those notes cannot help them; they only make them more desperate.

      That is why I said a simple plan could bring all the difference in the world. I can tell you from experience because your confidence level changes from one day to another. You might find that you can finish half a book and numerous questions in one day but on some days a couple of pages and a simple question can give you a big headache. A simple plan for tomorrow that�s all you need for effective study.


      What are you going to do tomorrow? How much are you going to cover tomorrow? How many hours you are likely to give tomorrow. Start a new copy and write it down, select the books, notes etc, in some cases you might only have the questions and answers from the tuition providers. So write down how many questions you want to try tomorrow. Remove the ones you don�t need tomorrow from the table and from your list and put them out of sight.

      Once you have the plan for tomorrow then you need to give sometime to think it over. It takes around 30 minutes or less to go over the plan. How many things you need to learn by heart, underline the paragraphs, answers, solutions etc. How many questions you want to try tomorrow, how many pages, articles etc you want to read, write it down.

      The whole point is that your plan for tomorrow must have an objective, what is it you want to achieve tomorrow? Be realistic, don�t try to be a hero, it doesn�t work. Once you try this, you will find that you can cover much more in two hours of effective study than you can do in a week.

      A word of warning, planning is quite frustrating in start but I can assure you that in one week it would become a second nature to you. So either you are studying or thinking about taking admission you need an effective plan.

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