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Re: [AYA-SSH] Digest Number 64

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  • jordan_j@hccanet.org
    Greetings! The link from the previous message has changed. Following is the new link:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003
      The link from the previous message has changed. Following is the new link:

      Many thanks!

      > Topics in this digest:
      > 1. NBCT
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      > Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 05:26:14 -0000
      > From: "miamiujj <jordan_j@...>" <jordan_j@...>
      > Subject: NBCT
      > Greetings!
      > The following just goes to show you that there is life and fun after
      > the year of diligent work:
      > I've already received e-mails asking me about the WCPO Bachelorette
      > contest where I discussed National Board Certification and our
      > practice of teaching during the interview. I decided it would be more
      > efficient to share the how and why with everyone at once rather than
      > answering the same questions.
      > How: A couple of my students wanted to nomminate me for the dating
      > TV show "Shipmates." I said, "No, that's not my style." They asked
      > me if I would do a contest on www.wcpo.com. I said possibly if they
      > focus on history class. Before I knew it, I was reading an e-mail
      > from Andrea Canning of WCPO that said my students nominated me
      > because "she is special to us and we want someone special for her."
      > Why: The students wer sincere about what they wrote and excited by
      > the prospect of being interviewed on TV. Andrea explained to me that
      > they needed a teacher and I thought that if it could help show the
      > positive side of our profession and our students then I should do
      > it. There is no prize for winning this polling... they don't even
      > promise a date! ; )
      > Following is the link to the site to vote for the only teacher in the
      > contest, Jane Jordan:
      > http://www.wcpo.com/specials/2003/valentines/stories/bachelorette_poll
      > .html
      > You can also vote via phone at 513-852-4017
      > Thank you and best wishes on your National Board Certification
      > endeavors!
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