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82Re: [AYA-SSH] Difficulty

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  • Carolyn Hunter
    Sep 4, 2000
      Hi Judy,
      I started a EA-SS/History but didn't get a reply. So I just use this one.
      I received help from our state regional center where people of all areas met
      once a month. We also had a teacher academy (state and grant supported center
      for one week) for the NBPTS candidates. There were mentors who were certified
      last year in our particular area. That helped alot. We also received help
      from certified people in the educators association in our state. North
      Carolina pays the $2000 if we pass and teach here two years. We also get a
      healthy pay raise. Not bad! I wonder why everyone isn't doing it.
      It's great to hear from a fellow candidate who is waiting on pins and
      needles until November.
      Good Luck!!


      Judy_Flassing@... wrote:

      > Hi Carolyn,
      > It was nice to see a message from another EA SS/H. I was wondering if
      > there was a site for us or if it is OK for us to share in these
      > conversations on AYA SS/H. I am very relieved not to be working on the
      > portfolio this year. It was grueling, but as with so many others, I too
      > feel I am a better teacher for the experience. I was very concerned about
      > the Assessment Center and think candidates need to realize that for EA
      > SS/H anyway, a great deal of information is sent from National Boards to
      > direct us in how to prepare. Even so, some of the questions took
      > surprising turns and twists.
      > As I went through the process last year I was anxious to talk to other
      > social studies teachers who had completed the process and could read my
      > entries. I found them at the NBPTS web page and they were very
      > supportive. No social studies teachers in my state have tried this and so
      > e-mail was my only source of help and it did HELP.
      > Judy Flassing
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