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  • Jo Ann Sherbine
    Jun 15, 2000
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      --- In AYA-SSH@egroups.com, lupohuvie@a... wrote:
      > HI-
      > I had off this week, so I gave my brain a rest. I need to
      concentrate on American History; even though it was my major, I have
      never taught it, so . . .
      > Have you looked at the assessment simulation -- I briefly glanced
      it before my vacation; it looks like it could be both helpful and
      > Keep in touch. When is your test? Mine is July 13th.
      > Lorraine

      Hi -
      I've been off-line for two months, moving (twice), then looking for
      this new address. I was glad to see someone else scheduled for late
      (I'm taking AC July 12). Has anyone else been frustrated with
      of writing in the articles? A couple of sentences in the first one
      are unintelligible ... missing words, incomplete thoughts, etc. I've
      taught US, Econ, and Geography, but remember virtually nothing about
      world history. I have a high school text book to review; I've
      to bone up on government, also with a textbook, noting areas of my
      weakness that I know need review. Any other ideas for succeeding in
      this? How much time are you devoting to the practice stuff
      graphs, etc.)? Will ours be the same, or not? How do we take
      notes/What kinds of notes do we take? I've about had it with
      my brain; it's time to panic! Thanks for any insights.
      Jo Ann
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