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432New Lesson Plan: Role of Congress in Formulating Policy

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  • Cindy Koeppel
    Aug 27, 2007
      During The Dirksen Center's annual Congress in the Classroom® workshop --
      http://www.dirksencenter.org/print_programs_CongressClassroom.htm --
      participants are asked to introduce the lesson plans, resources, and
      techniques that have proven successful in teaching about Congress in their
      classrooms. A 2005 participant, Bill Penberthy, Ironwood High School,
      Glendale, AZ, presented his lesson entitled, "Role of Congress in
      Formulating Policy."

      Background information for this lesson follows:

      In the modern world, most people associate the policies that the United
      States pursues with the President and forget that Congress plays a major
      role in how those policies are formulated and carried out. Historically,
      there have been times when Congress has played a very strong role vis-Ă -vis
      the Executive Branch, and at other times, it has been willing to let the
      President carry the ball. In both situations, there have always been strong
      members of Congress who felt they had a constitutional duty to do more than
      'rubber stamp' or just sit by idly. This may mean that they proposed
      legislation, tried to significantly change proposed or already enacted
      legislation, or in some cases, fought to prevent passage. Whatever their
      approach, they were instrumental in the formulation of foreign and domestic

      The overall objective of this lesson is to help students learn that Congress
      plays a major role in how policies are formulated and carried out. Find
      "Role of Congress in Formulating Policy" at:

      We hope you find this lesson useful!

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