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195Writing for the portfolio

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  • Leah LaCrosse
    Feb 1, 2004
      That is so weird because I found the same thing.  I have so many pages dedicated to describing the process and goals that I've run out for the commentary on the students.  I was going to type it all out, then read through and try to cut out parts.  Another person reminded me of two little ways to cut down papers...one-between each sentence only put one space (I always put two..so this may help a little)...two-when editing, look to the end of paragraphs and try to edit the ones that have just a few words on the last line (this will help to pull up the paragraph by a line).  I know that these are small tips, but they may help in crunch time.
      Also, I am having an english teacher read through mine to help streamline it.
      As far as goals, I think that we should put in all goals.  I have writing, social studies, and tech goals in one of my prompts for the students.  I think that shows a more well rounded educator.  My opinion though...not sure about that.
      I am having trouble with entry 4.  I have rewritten it at least 3-4 times now.  My question is...do we do just 3-4 accomplishments and really elaborate, or do we do more to show a more well rounded amount of accomplishments?  Anyone have ideas on that?
      Good luck everyone...keep plugging away!

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