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178Re: [AYA-SSH] Re: Anyone out there?

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  • Lauri Elam
    Dec 16, 2003
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      Good Morning,
      I have read your questions about how much a candidate should videotape. In
      my experience, tape, tape, tape... It gets the teacher more comfortable with
      the process and the students get adjusted also. I suggest you tape even if
      you do not think you would ever submit that lesson.

      I also had lots going on at once. I kept separate notebooks and files on
      each entry. That saved me some organization time.

      As far as the assessment center, I suggest that you put that on the bottom of
      the list right now. I found that the videos were the hardest. I had trouble
      hearing my kids, getting a good camera person, etc.

      Also, keep reading the standards and write notes as you go. Hope this helps,
      Lauri NBCT '02

      leahlacrosse wrote:

      > Laura,
      > I am so happy to hear that there are others out there! Misery
      > (close to it) loves company. I guess I'm not miserable, but I am
      > getting a little nervous. I haven't started video taping. I've
      > heard some conflicting theories on that. One certified person said
      > tape just a few lessons and go from there. Another person said to
      > tape multiple times to choose from. Have you heard anything?
      > Also, the content...I am trying to cram for what seems like a huge
      > chunk of information. I am an elementary certified teacher, and I'm
      > wondering if that will hinder my test ability. I have been reading
      > like you wouldn't believe. Have you heard anything about the test?
      > Writing samples...so far I've collected on assignment to evaluate.
      > I guess I feel like I have little parts...but nothing completed
      > yet! AHHHHH!
      > So, what have you heard?
      > Leah LaCrosse
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