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174Re: Anyone out there?

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  • leahlacrosse
    Dec 15, 2003
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      I am so happy to hear that there are others out there! Misery
      (close to it) loves company. I guess I'm not miserable, but I am
      getting a little nervous. I haven't started video taping. I've
      heard some conflicting theories on that. One certified person said
      tape just a few lessons and go from there. Another person said to
      tape multiple times to choose from. Have you heard anything?
      Also, the content...I am trying to cram for what seems like a huge
      chunk of information. I am an elementary certified teacher, and I'm
      wondering if that will hinder my test ability. I have been reading
      like you wouldn't believe. Have you heard anything about the test?
      Writing samples...so far I've collected on assignment to evaluate.

      I guess I feel like I have little parts...but nothing completed
      yet! AHHHHH!

      So, what have you heard?

      Leah LaCrosse
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