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11Re: National Boards Entry 6

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  • Hugh Martin
    Jan 30, 2000
      On the course outline do you provide a place for the parents to write in a
      response. That makes it more interactive than just the statement. I
      include a parent response section on all written communication with the
      parents. If progress reports are required at your school, make them unique
      by putting on comments specific to that child and ask for parental
      response. The efforts do not have to be "warm and fuzzy". They are to keep
      parents aware and informed about students and history.

      >From: TMJMULL@...
      >Reply-To: AYA-SSH@onelist.com
      >To: AYA-SSH@onelist.com
      >Subject: [AYA-SSH] National Boards Entry 6
      >Date: 27 Jan 2000 07:48:40 -0000
      >I have just finished entry 5 for the National Boards, and have begun work
      >on entry 6 the "Interactive Communication".
      > I'd like to talk with anyone else about entries 5 or 6, and share
      >insights and developments.
      >For example: when they ask for teacher/parent communication,would part of
      >your course outline that says you welcome parent participation serve that
      >How about progress reports that the parent/teacher and counselor have to
      >fill out- with grades and comments?
      >Or are they looking for more "warm fuzzy things" such as Parent outreach
      >Please E-Mail or Post..
      >Thanks- Tom at TMJM@...

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