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108Re: [AYA-SSH] just getting started

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  • Lauri Elam
    Apr 6, 2001
      Hi Lorraine,
      I found this e-mail as I was looking through some of my older correspondence. You were really sweet to offer help. Did you certify? I hope so. I am almost finished with THE BOX. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

      Lauri Elam
      Piedmont, AL

      lupohuvie@... wrote:

      > HI-
      > I completed my box last April and took my assessments in June; I am waiting on my results . . . I am a bit crazed right now- I am teaching a new AP World History course, but as soon as things settle down I would love to help you out -- if you don't mind that I may have failed! oops, we don't use that word, I might not have certified. If I recall the first entry it was reasoning through writing. The best advice I received, in the beginning, was to read and re-read the instructions the standards and the rubrics. When I finished with an entry, I would photocopy the rubric and outline the main points from the standards and pass them along to any colleagues willing to offer a critique. This really helped me because it forced me to keep checking the standards. Good luck. Keep in touch.
      > Lorraine Lupinskie
      > Long Island, NY
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