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106Re: [AYA-SSH] entry 3

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  • Leigh Martin
    Dec 11, 2000
      I feel the same way you do about the tapes! The questions are tough, too,
      but I am trying to follow them precisely. Would love to get together over
      the holdiays - let me know what is convenient for you. Leigh
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      From: Lauri Elam <lelam@...>
      To: <AYA-SSH@egroups.com>
      Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 12:54 PM
      Subject: Re: [AYA-SSH] entry 3

      > Dear Leigh:
      > Great minds think alike. I too am writing up the large group discussion
      > that occurred after the presidential election. What worries me about mine
      > is that we discuss a number of topics. I'm focusing my write up as a
      > discussion of the "democratic process." To answer your question, I think
      > wants student voices to dominate the lesson. Learning from each other is
      > great way to gain new information. It sounds like that's what happened in
      > your class.
      > Do you want to get together over the holidays and review each other's
      > tapes? One day I feel confident about mine, and the next I feel like I
      > to start over. Have a good weekend. Lauri
      > lmartin@... wrote:
      > > I am working on my large and small group videos. I have a tape I
      > > like for entry3, (large group), but I hardly appear in it! My voice
      > > can be heard, but mostly it's the kids you hear. They are discussing
      > > the snafu in the 2000 presidential election, and have lots of
      > > opinions and ideas. They don't complete an organizer or anything;
      > > it's just talk- lots of it, with me refereeing. They really have
      > > some good ideas and strong opinions, though. We did a lot of work
      > > with this topic before the tape. How does it sound to any of you?
      > >
      > > Leigh in Alabama
      > >
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