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105Re: [AYA-SSH] entry 3

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  • Leigh Martin
    Dec 11, 2000
      Jo Ann _ this is 11th grade AP US history - some confident kids. Not too
      much "parent parroting" - but definitely the influence there. This followed
      an assigned presidential campaign log. Thx for input! Will you read my
      commentary when I finish it? More later ! Leigh
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      From: Jo Ann Sherbine <j_sherbine@...>
      To: <AYA-SSH@egroups.com>
      Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 9:13 PM
      Subject: Re: [AYA-SSH] entry 3

      > Leigh,
      > It was good to hear from you ... and your tape idea sounds great! That
      > large group one is to demonstrate your abilities as facilitator, or
      > whichever the case may be. The fact that you have established an
      > environment for free exchange of ideas, and have developed in your
      > the ability to grapple with the issues of the day is exactly the kind of
      > activity that qualifies as TEACHING. In your write-up, you focus on the
      > pre-tape activities, whatever YOU did to help prepare the students to
      > conduct the discussion. Did you follow up with any kind of activity
      > closure? Even an evaluation by the students of the activity itself, and
      > your analysis of their evaluations, will enhance the presentation of your
      > tape. Just for my own curiosity ... what kind of class was this? How old
      > (grade) are the students? Do you get a lot of "parent parroting" on the
      > election issues? In our area, or at least in my 9th grade classes, it has
      > been a hot potato that I've touched gingerly a few times but generally
      > alone ... and I personally love political science and all the hoopla
      > surrounding this election. Keep me informed, and keep up the good work.
      > I'm meeting with two or three of our "newbies" next week, English and
      > for purposes of encouragement, organization, etc. I am enjoying the
      > ever so much more this year!:)
      > Jo Ann
      > >From: lmartin@...
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      > >To: AYA-SSH@egroups.com
      > >Subject: [AYA-SSH] entry 3
      > >Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 16:32:19 -0000
      > >
      > >I am working on my large and small group videos. I have a tape I
      > >like for entry3, (large group), but I hardly appear in it! My voice
      > >can be heard, but mostly it's the kids you hear. They are discussing
      > >the snafu in the 2000 presidential election, and have lots of
      > >opinions and ideas. They don't complete an organizer or anything;
      > >it's just talk- lots of it, with me refereeing. They really have
      > >some good ideas and strong opinions, though. We did a lot of work
      > >with this topic before the tape. How does it sound to any of you?
      > >
      > >Leigh in Alabama
      > >
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