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Tasmanian GC Functions - Sept 2015

Croquet Tasmania now has details for all 4 of the functions it is offering as part of the Golf Croquet Nationals in Hobart & Launceston in Sept 2015. TCA is
Peter Freer
Jul 30

Law 53(b)(3) update - re hoop wedging

Hello All, The International Laws Committee of the World Croquet Federation has handed down a ruling on Law
Trevor Bassett
Jul 24
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Fwd: Women's AC World Championship on BBC tomorrow

*From:* "Beatrice McGlen" *Date:* 17 July 2015 7:08:09 pm AEST Dear All, BBC Breakfast is broadcasting an item about the
Tim Murphy
Jul 17

Re: [Croquet] Straightening the peg and other refereeing moments

As a regular TR in Australia I always draw players attention, at the start of an event, to Law 48 Referees of the Game and more particularly to 48 (d)(1)
Margaret Fleming
Jul 13

Re: [Croquet] Straightening the peg and other refereeing moments

At the time, hearing it was also a fault. The laws were changed more recently. Chris
chris clarke
Jul 13

Re: [Croquet] Straightening the peg and other refereeing moments

Stuart is correct to say that I have never taken a big divot that appeared to stop my swing and then lunge forward again to hit the ball with the
chris clarke
Jul 13

Aust Women's & Men's GC Singles - entry via Duffers Tice

Entry forms for the Aust Women's & Men's GC Singles in Tasmania this Sept are now available on Duffers Tice at:
Peter Freer
Jul 10

Re: [Croquet] croquet Digest, Vol 129, Issue 8

I have updated croquetscores with all completed games and will continue to do so until Jenny and myself leave on Sunday. In response to the question about what
chris clarke
Jul 7

Croquet Scores is up!

Talk about bad timing. I mucked up a configuration setting and brought down croquetscores.com for a few minutes. Its up again.
Tim Murphy
Jul 4

Fwd: Croquet Scores

All, Many thanks for the public and private emails I've received in the past few days supporting Croquet Scores. What can I do to encourage more CA tournaments
Tim Murphy
Jul 4

Re: photos

Dwayne, Contact Susan Linge, admin@.... I'm sure she will be very happy to receive photos and upload them for you. I've added your
Tim Murphy
Jun 28

Re: photos

Great idea, Dwayne. Set up a public facebook page so that anyone can upload and/or view photos which the owners donÆt mind losing ownership/control of.
alix verge
Jun 28


Hi All, I was wandering if there is a place on the new ACA website where I could find photos of the 2015 Eire Cup.While I am asking, is there any where any
Dwayne Mccormick
Jun 28

Re: [Croquet] What's new on clarkecroquet.com

Hi Ray,All the articles on the website are in one of our "courses". Naturally, the GC stats come under the "GC Tactics" course. You are correct to point out
chris clarke
Jun 5

Norwood pre-drawn swiss

I saw this event on croquetscores.com and was surprised to see that whilst most players had played 6 games, two had played 7 and two had played 5. Does anyone
chris clarke
May 25
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