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WCF website - temporarily down after hacking

Dear All, The WCF website has been suspended by its ISP after malware was detected which led to spam emails being sent. The matter will be resolved asap.
Stephen Mulliner
Jul 25

For Tony Hall

Dear Lowen, My commiserations, although 98 is a very good innings. I will watch the paper for funeral arrangements but may not see you as I will be out of
Tony Hall
Jun 16

For Tony Hall

Hi Tony, I noticed an email to the group, and thought you might like to know that my Aunty Pat died in Canberra last Wednesday at 98. You knew her as Patricia
Lowen Clarke
Jun 15

Re: Spam:*********, [AUS-Croquet] GC Referees

Dear Liz, I intend to play in the Mens but will be available to referee the ISS. I follow the NSW team so would like to be at their venue each day. Cheers,
Tony Hall
Jun 15

Re: [Croquet] 2018 NZ Open dates

Chris, Excellent news. That should encourage entries from ACWC hopefuls. I'll be there. Stephen From: croquet
Stephen Mulliner
Jun 1

2018 NZ Open dates

The dates for the NZ Open have now been moved to 20-28 Jan 2018. The event will be played at United with Fendalton used for some singles block play and some
chris clarke
May 31

GC Referees

Calling all States: - Qualified GC Referees who intend to be in Queensland for the ACA Women’s, Men’s and ISS 1-10 September 2017 If you are willing to
Elizabeth Fleming
May 31

Re: Croquet Scores Slowness

The issue causing the slowness since last Thursday has been identified and fixed. Please report any issues ASAP.
Tim Murphy
May 24

New croquet resource

I would like to bring your attention to a fabulous new croquet resource that has just been launched. It is a computer game of croquet that is very realistic
chris clarke
May 24

Croquet Scores Slowness

Over the weekend I was alerted to the fact that the admin section of croquet scores was painfully. I corrected the issue Saturday night and all seemed fine on
Tim Murphy
May 23

Re: [Croquet] Supershot openings and Mac videos

I wouldn't expect Y at R if K is level with h4. I think Y would be more likely to take the shot at U which guards K at R. This is pretty easy to go round from
chris clarke
May 18

Supershot openings and Mac videos

As promised a few weeks ago, I have published some notes on supershot openings that I provided to the NZ team prior to the Mac. I have also updated them with a
chris clarke
May 17

boy oh boy

Gigantic Yahoo's for the boys over there, 27 yr wait for me, kick dem yankies butts Yea n yeaa Sent from Yahoo7 Mail on Android
Leslie Watson
Apr 22

Congratulations to Australia

Many congratulations to Australia for winning on day 4. They selected their best 6 players, had three good doubles partnerships, had a game plan which was a
chris clarke
Apr 21

Promoting croquet

I was recently discussing how we could promote croquet better at my club and throughout the croquet world. I'm not really that tech savvy - I don't have a
chris clarke
Mar 27
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