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Invitation to the first AUDC

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  • Rajesh Krishnan
    Dear Asian Debating Community I post this message on behalf of the institutions represented by the individuals named below. Ateneo De Manila University –
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2005

      Dear Asian Debating Community


      I post this message on behalf of the institutions represented by the individuals named below.


      Ateneo De Manila University � Eleanor Uy

      De La Salle University � Lucinda Teresa Cabal David

      International Islamic University � Mohd. Abdul Latif

      Nanyang Technological University � Ankit Agarwala

      National University of Singapore Debating Society � Kay Chew Lin

      Singapore Institute of Management Debating Society� Amit Bhatia

      Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia � Pravin P

      University of Philippines, Diliman � Carl Ng


      These institutions perceive the need of an Asian debating tournament that: -

                  - provides transparency, accountability and feedback in the debating and adjudication            mechanisms employed

                  - places primacy on the quality of adjudication in the tournament

                  - ensures ample and adequate representation for all Asian universities


      In that regard, an Asian Universities Debating Championship shall be held. The salient details of this event are provided below. After much discussion about potential hosts, it was decided that Nanyang Technological University of Singapore shall hold the tournament, and the administration of Nanyang Technological University in turn has kindly agreed to carry out this venture.


      Asian institutions are invited to participate in this tournament, and more importantly in fulfilling the identified aspirations.


      If you have any questions, or are interested in participating this tournament, please join audc@yahoogroups.com by sending a blank email to AUDC-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. If you wish, you may contact any one of the named individuals or email audc.2005@... as well.


      The purpose of this mail is transitory, to bridge the gap between the above group of institutions and the organizing committee. Going forward, most if not all of your emails, shall be responded to by the NTU Asian Universities Debating Championship Committee.


      You must join the audc yahoogroups in order to receive further updates for this tournament.


      Tournament: The First Asian Universities Debating Championship, 2005


      Host Institution: Nanyang Technological University


      Dates: 13 May to 18 May 2005


      Registration Fees: SGD 210 (USD 130) per person (This number is quoted without any sponsorship input. Going forward, this number will realistically drop and is being set as a hard cap). Payment details will be provided shortly.


      Team Caps and N-Rule: There is no team cap but teams must register one adjudicator for every debating team they register.


      Adjudication Team: Amit Bhatia (CA � Singapore)

      - Bobby Benedicto (DCA Philippines)

      - Mohd. Sunny Ismail (DCA � Malaysia)


      Accommodation: NTU Campus accommodation will be provided at the cost 5 SGD per head per day (included in Reg). There shall be 2 to a room. All campus rooms are modern and fully furnished. More details will be provided soon.


      Meals: Three complete meals a day will be provided to all participants for the duration of the tournament. All Dietary requirements will be catered to.


      Social Events: There shall be a Break Night, Sports Night and a Championship Dinner. In addition to this, 2 opt-in social events � First Night at a venue of participants choice such as Theater/Bowling etc. and a Final night party by the quayside or similar such area shall be provided. This is in line with the tournament�s aim of providing a quality tournament focusing on debating and adjudicating at minimum cost. The opt-in demand will determine the quality of the events of such nature.


      Council & Constitution:

      A council meeting shall be held during which a constitution for future tournaments shall be proposed and ratified. Bids for the next tournament shall also be entertained.



      Every debate shall consist of 2 teams � Affirmative and Negative. There shall be 3 substantive speeches a side of 7 minutes duration. POIs can be offered except in the first and last minute by any member of the opposing bench. There shall be a reply speech of 4 minutes for either side, with the sequence being reversed (Negative then Affirmative).


      The top 16 teams shall break into the main draw.

      The top 4 E For L teams shall break into the E For L draw*.


      *Universities can register as EforL, this will be subject to ratification by council.



      In order to provide a fairer feedback mechanism with regards to adjudicator ranking within a tournament, the following will take place: -


      - The adjudication core shall view a taped debate on Day 1, arrive at a consensus on the importance of all relevant issues relating to the debate, and formulate the test as well as the sample answers.

      - On Day 2, all participating adjudicators will view the same debate, and will take the adjudication test

      - The entire adjudication core will grade each paper, assign a score and provide feedback to every adjudicator. On Day 3, a debriefing on the adjudication grading approach will be provided by the adjudication core, and the papers will be returned to every individual participant. An effective appeals mechanism shall also be instituted on Day 3.


      An adjudicating workshop prior to the test shall be provided, by Worlds and Asians Finalist caliber debaters and adjudicators. This workshop will provide the salient guidelines for adjudicating at this tournament.


      Presentations on separate topics related to debating and adjudication shall be provided through the course of the tournament. This would be part of an effort to enhance adjudication standards at the tournament.


      In addition to this, adjudicator feedback for the chair and panelists, will count heavily in determining the ranking of adjudicators during the course of the tournament.


      There is overwhelming support from the alumni of the institutions that endorse this letter to enhancing adjudicator quality, and they are expected to strengthen the adjudication pool of the tournament substantially.


      The tab guidelines are being drawn up. Amit having been an AustralAsians tournament director has substantial experience in this area. He shall be assisted by the experienced tab team of the NTU worlds and Adjudication core of this tournament.


      Tentative Schedule


      Day 1 (13 May)

      AM-PM - Teams arrive & Registration


      Day 2 (14 May)

      MORN - Council Meeting, Constitution Ratification

      AFT � Workshop & Adjudication Test

      EVEN - Opt in Social Event (Movie / Bowling)


      Day 3 (15 May)

      MORN - Release of adjudication results

      MORN - Round 1

      AFT - Round 2

      EVEN - Round 3

      EVEN - Post debate gathering (Sports and Recreation Centre)


      Day 4 (16 May)

      MORN - Round 4

      AFT - Round 5

      AFT - Round 6

      EVEN - Round 7

      EVEN - Break Night Party (International Hall / Staff Club)


      Day 5 (17 May)

      MORN - OCTOS

      AFT - Council Meeting , Bid Presentations for 2006

      AFT � E For L Semis


      EVEN - Championship Dinner


      Day 6 (18 May)

      MORN - SEMIS

      AFT - E For L Final

      AFT - Grand Final & Prize Distribution Ceremony

      EVEN - Opt in Social Event (Quayside Singapore)



      Prospective Bids: Ateneo De Manila has tentatively proposed a bid for 2006


      Website: Under Construction


      More information will be  provided by the organizing committee soon.


      The tournament is meant to be representative. We, the institutions, and the NTU organizing committee shall strive our utmost to ensure that every voice and concern is accorded the respect it deserves and the message, where possible, incorporated into this initiative.




      Rajesh Krishnan

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