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Re: [AT_Sprint] Re: 32 gb microSD

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  • Gil WA5YKK
    Bruce; I ve been using the Creative Labs sound cards for a very long time, very fine systems for music and sound effects, surround sound , et all. When their
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 22, 2013

       I've been using the Creative Labs sound cards for a very long time, very fine systems for music and sound effects, "surround sound", et all. When their players first came out, I got so into them that I now have two of the originals, their only problem is using up batteries. Both have FM receivers built in (!) and I need that for weather reports here in "hurricane alley".

       Looked twice at the contacts inside the little square player, same number as on the memory card, so this is going to be a mystery to figure out.

       I'll look at and print out the page, might make a difference somehow.

      Thanks for the extra bit of advice, I'm feeling like a caveman now!

      Gil WA5YKK

      On 2/22/2013 4:10 PM, n1rx wrote:

      Gil- Of course it "fits fine", it's a microSD- that describes the size, and "pinout", data transfer, etc. The issue about handling 32 gB is not physical size, but data capacity.

      As for the Zen- it's made by Creative, a well known tech company that made it's name originally in Computer soundcards. "SoundBlaster" is their line of cards, you may have heard of them.

      Getting back to the Zen- Creative's own webpage (found by a simple Google search on "Zen M300"), shows certain cards are compatible, some may not be. Here's their web page that discusses this:


      Perhaps this will help you.
      Bruce, N1RX

      --- In AT_Sprint@yahoogroups.com, Gil WA5YKK wrote:
      > Steve;
      > Thanks for the return, and the chip I got in a few days ago does fit
      > fine, I'm now wondering if the contacts in the "ZEN Style M300" player
      > are able to mate with the fingernail-size card, or if the card is OK for
      > FAT64, NTFS, whatever. The little advice paper makes note of 32 gb,
      > which is why I went for that size. I'm a bit astounded, the printing on
      > the back of that palm-sized player has 16 GB on it, so it can handle a
      > lot more MP3 files than I've already put on it. All I wanted to do was
      > see how far I can push this little thing, then a devilish idea came up,
      > it can do "Bluetooh", I decided to fire up my Jambox system for my
      > cellphone, then see if it could handle a music stream. That didn't
      > happen, guess that they're on different frequencies, so the other idea
      > will take some work - I recalled a now-vintage idea of using a remote RF
      > system to listen in on one of my HF rigs, have an earphone going so I
      > could keep track of anyone on a RACES or ARES net frequency, while I'm
      > 100 feet out in my yard..
      > That might be stretching things a lot, but it's a nice idea,
      > considering the cost of all this.
      > Yep, I have to be extra careful about buying Asian made devices that
      > "can take expansion chips", make sure they're the same vintage as the
      > thing I got, my digital camera has the big chip that I plugged in, does
      > nicely. I'd swear that the Asians have "obsolescence" built into every
      > item they make and send to us!
      > Tnx, 73's, I've got to think about the rig(s) that need attention, along
      > with antennas and finishing out the upgrade work on my cabins.
      > Gil WA5YKK

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