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1211Re: [AT_Sprint] Re: 11.7 Volts from Lithium Ion Cells?

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  • Karl Larsen
    Jun 2, 2007
      Hi Gang, I use LiPos in my Yaesu VX2R HT and my laptop and my cell
      phone. What do these devices have in common? They have a chip inside
      them that charges the LiPos battery. You put in 5 Volts DC about and the
      chip sets the charge rates.

      For my radios I use NiMH AA cells. I run 12 volts to my ATS-3 from
      10 of the AA cells in a nice Mouser battery case. These 2200 mAH cells
      will run a ATS-3 all day in a contest.

      I recommend the NiNH AA cells because Wal Mart sells a charger that
      works in your car or home, charges 4 at once and costs $18.00. They are
      Grey in color and do fast charge with real success.

      Have Fun, 73 Karl K5DI

      John Harper wrote:
      > Hi Steve,
      > I use LiPos exclusively in my QRP rigs when operating portable. If you
      > decide to use NiMH AA's instead, keep in mind that you will need more
      > cells to provide a given voltage than with any other AA-from factor
      > chemistry. I've compared a few battery types here:
      > http://www.ae5x.com/compare%20mAh.htm
      > Regarding the potential for overheating/burning in LiPo cells, most of
      > the cases where this has occurred have been in R/C applications where
      > the battery is supplying current at or near its peak rated output. I
      > have a motor (http://www.hobby-lobby.com/brushless-uberall.htm) that
      > pulls 18 amps from my the same make and model LiPo battery (2100 mAH)
      > that I often use with my KX1. Its max discharge rate is 31A (50A
      > intermittent) and does get warm in R/C use but when powering the KX1,
      > I doubt the battery even knows it's being used.
      > 73,
      > John Harper AE5X
      > http://www.ae5x.com
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