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1203Re: 11.7 Volts from Lithium Ion Cells?

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  • w1mt
    Jun 1, 2007

      I have used a 950 mAh 3-cell packs and gotten in excess of 6 hours
      from them. I get a full two hours from 2-cell 250mAh packs for the
      Sprints. I haven't played serious in the sprints for a while but those
      25mAh packs are ideal for two hours.

      One thing I would highly recommend for a non Spartan Sprint pack is
      getting packs that have balancing capability. Then use either a
      balancer with your charger or use a special charger that can handle
      the balancing directly. Obviously for the sprints you probably don't
      want the extra weight of a balancing port.

      My personal opinion is that the 3-cell packs are about as much voltage
      that I want to power an ATS unit with.

      Hope this data point helps...


      --- In AT_Sprint@yahoogroups.com, Hank Greeb <n8xx@...> wrote:
      > Thanks! Any specific type, maH, etc? Is there much difference in
      > output with 11.1 volts vs 12 volts?
      > How many operating hours can one get from a bank of cells which will
      > in a second Altoids tin?
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