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Thanks to PaganBear.

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  • Eric N. Best, Ph.D.
    Hey Pagan Bear, Many thanks for creating your web site. I can imagine the work that went into it and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Since I don t
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      Hey Pagan Bear,

      Many thanks for creating your web site. I can imagine the work that
      went into it and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Since I don't
      have high speed internet out in the country where I live, I make trips
      into town from time to time to use the local library's highspeed
      connection. Besides being able to watch the movies you list below, is
      it possible to download them onto a dvd from your website?

      Thanks again,


      ATLeavers@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > Whole buncha stuff
      > Posted by: "PaganBear" paganbear@...
      > Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:19 am (PST)
      > I've been kickin butt here on getting my website up to date with some
      > of the things I feel needed to be on there. And one of the things I
      > beleive in is that when a movie or film gives very profound truth, or
      > at least profound ponderings into truth, in our day and age we gotta
      > spread that out as far as we can.
      > Go to www.thestumblingblock.com and you will find my own movie, but
      > also if you click on
      > "Stuff to watch" you can see for free on the website are the following
      > movies:
      > Religulous - Bill Maher's latest about who doubt keeps religions from
      > being suicide bombers
      > The 11th Hour - Forget Al Gore's hopeless film that offers no
      > solutions. This one actually does
      > on the real problems that we face. Hosted by Leonardo Dicaprio
      > The God Who Wasn't There - A powerful look at how Christians and non
      > are unaware about
      > much of the way their belief formed and spread.
      > Jesus Camp - This is a real look at kids in bible camp, and the
      > political messaged being
      > shoved into their poor little skulls. The torment they go through is
      > beyond belief.
      > Zeitgeist - Part one is an amazingly well documented look at how
      > Christ is just like several
      > other pagan messiahs throughout history, and therefore, not original.
      > Part two breaks
      > down some unknown facts about 9/11, and part 3 breaks down our world
      > view of
      > how separate and divided we become because of government lies.
      > Zeitgeist Addendum - The second film from the Zeitgeist site is even
      > better. It tears into the
      > way money and the forced lifestyle of wage-earning is helping to keep
      > us all too
      > busy to do anything to improve our world, and who profits.
      > Into the Wild - True story about a kid who ran off into the world with
      > nothing.
      > Latter Days - Totally appropriate film for the present day. A group of
      > Mormon missionary
      > boys move next door to a shallow gay waiter, whose friends bet him
      > that he can
      > convert them before they convert him. But Christian soon realizes that
      > even though
      > Aaron is a secretly gay Mormon, he's also a deeply troubled soul with
      > something
      > to offer that he didn't even know he needed. Opposites not only
      > attract... but empower.
      > Instinct - The film that completely changed my world view and led me
      > onto this search
      > as well as download the three CD audiobook for Daniel Quinn's Ishmael.
      > And I'm presently writing a script for a new movie of my own: The
      > Gospel of Get Over Yourself.
      > My attempt to have a deep meaningful conversation with Christianity,
      > and why it wouldn't let me.
      > And how that's precisely what I see their Christ doing, only to be
      > treated with the same.
      > Thus... how today's Christianity is as antichristian as it gets.
      > Enjoy guys

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