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Re: [ATA-LD_Listserve] Mentors Needed

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  • biadesalles@yahoo.com
    Yes, I am. Would love to try this. Let me know when to start. Kindly, Beatrice de Salles Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 9, 2012
      Yes, I am. Would love to try this. Let me know when to start. Kindly, Beatrice de Salles
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect

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      Dear LD members, I would love to have a mentee, but what I would propose
      would not at all fit into the current ATA program. I have next to nothing of
      use to impart about the business side of translation. What I would like to
      do is work with someone who would like to try his or her hand at translating
      poetry (the old fashioned type with rhyme and meter) from a European
      language into an equivalent form in English. Anyone interested? Lydia

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      Subject: [ATA-LD_Listserve] Mentors Needed

      > Hello,
      > Please pass this message from Susanne van Eyl, Chair of the Mentoring
      > Committee, to your division's members.
      > Regards,
      > Karen
      > I wanted to take a moment to invite all interested members to consider the
      > new mentoring program of ATA. We've used Courtney Searls-Ridge's
      > long-standing program and made changes and updates to find new ways to
      > learn from and support each other.
      > The biggest change is that all mentor/mentee pairs are slated to start and
      > end their work at the same time each year: in mid-April. This is designed
      > to build a strong community for mentees, many of whom are new members who
      > don't have many contacts within the association and/or industry.
      > The program will focus on helping with the business side of translation
      > and interpreting which means that all mentees need to have a proven record
      > of knowing their craft. Those who are very new to the industry will have a
      > sample translation evaluated by a translation company of their choice.
      > This is the only expense they will incur. Since many mentors may want to
      > introduce their mentees to clients and contacts, knowing that the mentee
      > is a good translator will give them the confidence to do so. Matching
      > languages is not a priority, instead we will focus on matching people
      > according to the specific needs of a mentee and the business skills of a
      > mentor.
      > A few mentee/mentor teams are already working, and this is what one mentor
      > wrote to me yesterday: "We are getting along very well and I think we are
      > both profiting from the relationship." This team works in different
      > languages and it seems that they have plenty to talk about.
      > If this program is of interest to you, please write to
      > mentoring@... and include your resume and a brief statement of what
      > you are hoping to achieve. Further information can be found here:
      > http://www.atanet.org/careers/mentoring.php
      > We look forward to working with you.
      > Susanne
      > --
      > Susanne van Eyl
      > ATA-certified translator Eng>Ger (CT)
      > Editing& proofreading services
      > van Eyl, Inc.
      > o: 812-303-3441 c: 812-228-7223
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