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Fw: Asking God for a Spouse

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  • B.Dawson
    This is a good read. I hope you all enjoy. Years ago, while in prayer, I asked God to send me my husband. For, the Bible says, You have not because you ask
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      This is a good read. I hope you all enjoy.

      Years ago, while in prayer, I asked God to send me my husband.

      For, the Bible says, "You have not because you ask not." I told the Lord
      not just that I wanted a husband, but I even explained to him the kind
      of husband I was looking for. I told him I wanted someone that was kind,
      tender, gentle, compassionate, loving, sincere, peaceful, generous,
      affectionate, understanding, passionate, warm, intelligent, humorous,
      sensual, and trustful.

      I even mentioned things I wanted him to be physically. And, as time
      passed, I would add more things to this list of my heart's desire for my
      husband. Then one night in prayer, God spoke to my heart and said,
      "Daughter, I cannot give you what you've asked me for."

      I said, "Why not Lord?"

      He replied, "For I am a just God, and a God of righteousness, and all I
      do is just and right." I said, "Lord, I don't understand why I cannot
      have what I have asked you for." He replied, "Then I will explain."

      "It would not be just and right for me to grant to you your wish, for I
      cannot give unto you something that you are not yourself.

      It would not be fair for me to grant unto you a person that is loving if
      you can sometimes be hateful. Or someone that is kind, if you can also
      be mean... someone that is a forgiver, and yet you can still carry a
      grudge...someone that is sensitive, and you are yet so

      He said unto me, "Instead of wasting time trying to find someone, or
      hoping that I will give you someone with all these qualities you seek,
      you should rather allow me to take this time to allow you to become all
      it is that you are looking for. "For I cannot give to you that which you
      are not."

      "And if you allow me to work upon your spirit, and to shape and mold
      your heart as I choose, then, when you see the one I have for you, you
      will be able to say like Adam said, "She is bone of my bone, and she is
      flesh of my flesh" for you will see yourself in him...for you both will
      be one flesh.

      "I am that I am... " Exodus 3:14

      Keep this in mind. This is for all: the recently married; the soon to be
      married; and the ones that are still looking.

      I also think this is for those who are married, experiencing some
      difficulties or not. Have you allowed the Lord to mold and shape you
      into the person that you want your spouse to resemble?

      Author unknown

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