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  • B.Dawson
    I would like to welcome you to the AmeriCorps list serve. This is a wonderful and easier way for all of us to keep in touch with one another. I want this
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      I would like to welcome you to the AmeriCorps list serve.  This is a wonderful and easier way for all of us to keep in touch with one another.  I want this forum to be the place where we share our stories, inform one another, and overall, voice your opinions on things.  I want you guys to gain a full and well rounded experience from the service you provide at Lamar Reese.  Couple of housecleaning items, however, that I would like to go over first.
      1.)  Keep it clean.  This is a public forum, so no profane language will be allowed.
      2.)  If you have done anything significant, post it on the list serve.  If you want to share
           a positive experience, I implore you, put it on the list serve.  If you have taken any 
           pictures directly related to your AmeriCorps service, upload them on the list serve
           or give them to me to take home to scan and put them up on the list serve.
      3.) If you need to vent to someone about how you feel but you don't want to let every-
          one on the list serve know, you can either cut and paste their private email address
          in the send to field, or go onto the grouppage and click on their email address so
          that your email goes to them privately.
      4.) Remember that if you hit reply, but do not type in the email address of the person
           who you want to privately respond to, it will AUTOMATICALLY come to the list
           serve forum for EVERYONE to see.  So be selective and go over your posts twice
           before you hit send and submit them to the list serve.
      5.) There will be NO excuses now for why someone doesn't know anything.  That's the
           reason why I created the list serve in the first place.  All information that is to be
           disseminated now will come here.
      This list serve will not only serve present AmeriCorps members, it will also serve AmeriCorps alums as well.  So this way the networking between us can continue on for years, even after you have graduated from this program and Albany State.  It is because of this reason, any job postings and internships that I come across, I will post to the list serve and vice versa.  Let's build our own network so that we can continue to uplift and assist each other years to come. 
      After all, we live in a society where it's not always what you know, but who you know as well.  Having said that, enjoy the list serve, the pictures and what not, and I will see you all in the near future.

      Brian Dawson
      Program Director
      Albany State University AmeriCorps
      504 College Drive
      Albany, Ga. 31705
      Tel: (229)430-4676
      email: brian.dawson@...

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