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Demonstration against "Sustainable" Growth on Thursday. Please help!

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  • James Ward
    From Michael Lardelli at Beyond Oil SA: Dear Peakists, Greenies, Permies and others. Please see the text from a press release below. Beyond Oil SA and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2009
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      From Michael Lardelli at Beyond Oil SA:

      Dear Peakists, Greenies, Permies and others. Please see the text from a
      press release below. Beyond Oil SA and Sustainable Population Australia
      will be holding a demonstration outside a "Sustainable Urban Growth
      Conference" on Thursday morning this week (8am - 9am outside the
      Adelaide Festival Centre on King William Street).

      person who can help us by their presence would make a big difference.
      (It looks far better when there are 20 people than when there are only
      5!) So please come along and
      encourage anyone else you know who might be interested to come if you
      can spare that one hour.

      We will have placards and a banner available for you when you get there.
      We will also have a handout for the general public to be distributed.

      Please spread this email around.

      Call me on ---- --- --- if you need to know more.

      Best regards and thanks for any support you can give.

      Michael Lardelli, Beyond Oil SA.



      "“Sustainable”" Urban Growth Conference – A contradiction in the making

      "“Nothing can grow forever. If you consider our current environmental
      impact, water shortages, future energy insecurity and the need to reduce
      CO2 emissions then Adelaide is already too large" says Michael Lardelli
      of Beyond Oil South Australia, a peak oil activist group.

      "“Putting '‘Sustainable’' in front of Urban Growth does not make it so.
      This conference is just an attempt by the real estate and building
      industries to convince us that Adelaide can get larger while reducing
      its environmental impact and energy needs. But that’'s simply not

      The so-called '‘Sustainable Urban Growth Conference’' starts on Thursday
      12th March at 8:30 at Adelaide’'s Festival Centre. Members of the public
      including supporters of Sustainable Population Australia and Beyond Oil
      SA, will demonstrate outside from 8:00 until 9:00. They are opposed to
      any planning which pretends to be sustainable but is not.

      The conference will focus on '‘Transit Oriented Development’s' or TODs
      which are centres of dense, high-rise housing along transport corridors
      within Adelaide. TODs are promoted as more environmentally friendly than
      urban sprawl.

      "“The TODs planned for Adelaide will not be used to re-house our current
      sprawling population”," says Michael Lardelli. "“The plan is to fill
      them with additional people. The SA government’'s strategic plan is to
      increase our population to two million by 2050. That'’s almost half a
      million more people needing water, food and energy. This will massively
      increase our CO2 emissions.”"

      So Adelaide'’s TODs will increase the damage we inflict on the environment.

      The Sustainable Urban Growth Conference is promoted by The Property
      Council of Australia (SA Division) and the Land Management Corporation.
      The Property Council represents businesses that profit from urban growth.

      While the population of SA continues to rise, our quality of life will
      continue to fall. Public amenities become more crowded, there is even
      less water, pressure remains on house prices, public transport becomes
      ever more difficult and utility prices must rise to pay for the new
      infrastructure needed.

      "“A conference to consider ways to cram yet more people into Adelaide is
      a study in how to consume ever more natural resources and degrade our
      life-support system – the environment. Adelaide’'s economy is a
      wholly-owned subsidiary of the environment”" says Michael Lardelli of
      Beyond Oil SA.

      He said, "“The government must plan to build resilience against the
      climate and energy supply shocks that lie ahead. To be secure, South
      Australians need spare capacity in water and other vital resources. But
      urban growth will place additional pressure on these resources.”"

      World oil supply is now in decline. The current economic crisis is
      undermining investments in new oil production. The head of the French
      oil company Total recently warned that the current glut in oil supply
      due to decreased demand would be short-lived. Some industry figures
      expect oil prices to double by the end of the year. The government also
      needs to prepare for shocks resulting from climate change; low rainfall
      and high food prices will exacerbate current economic difficulties.

      "“If TODs were used to build resilience rather than more housing for
      more people, I would applaud the government."”

      Dr James Ward
      Ph.D., B.Eng.(Civil)(Hons), B.App.Sc.(Env. Mgt)

      Postdoctoral Research Fellow
      School of Chemistry, Physics & Earth Sciences
      Flinders University
      GPO Box 2100, ADELAIDE SA 5001 (Australia)

      ph +61 8 8201 5140
      mob +61 4 0881 9175

      "But that is a difficult story for a later generation."
      (The Economist, "Somewhere over the rainbow", Jan 24th 2008)
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