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Subject: PLEASE SIGN this petition. If you do one thing today, please make a difference-sign this petition(click on 'forward' then add your name Please sign,
Meggs Hannes-Paterson
Nov 9, 2009

"Energy Realities" seminar, Fri 5th June 5PM

Hi all, FYI - an interesting seminar coming up regarding the future of energy. You can RSVP via the email address in the flyer. Cheers, James. ... From:
James Ward
May 19, 2009
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Zero Carbon Australia 2020 project

hi folks See email below from Elena McMaster from Beyond Zero Emissions who is keen to hear from any ASPO people who want to contribute to the development of
Phil Hart
May 7, 2009

The truth about swine flu

Mel (and others) you'd probably like the flash animation "The Meatrix" http://www.themeatrix.com
May 7, 2009

The truth about swine flu

just another reason to try vegetarian/vegan.... Mel. ... DONT IGNORE THE SUPERNATURAL WHILE WAITING FOR THE SPECTACULAR "There is a law that man should love
Mel Ward
May 6, 2009

The truth about swine flu

Hi, Did you know that evidence is growing of the link between factory farms and swine flu? International organisations have been warning that these inhumane
May 5, 2009

Demonstration against "Sustainable" Growth on Thursday. Please help!

From Michael Lardelli at Beyond Oil SA: Dear Peakists, Greenies, Permies and others. Please see the text from a press release below. Beyond Oil SA and
James Ward
Mar 10, 2009

Article in G-Magazine online

Hi all, I managed to get an article published on the website for "G Magazine" on how to reduce fuel bills:
James Ward
Oct 26, 2008

Postie bike

Well, I finally got my motorbike licence and registered my postie bike. Happy to report on the first tank-ful of fuel: 4.12 litres 158 km = 2.6L/100km. At this
James Ward
Oct 20, 2008

Re: Peak Phosphate article

... The same article, but this time on TheOilDrum.com. http://www.theoildrum.com/node/4624#more Dave
Oct 9, 2008

ASPO briefing to SA parliament

Hi all, A few months ago I gave evidence at the SA government's Select Committee on the Impact of Peak Oil in South Australia. The committee has finally
James Ward
Sep 18, 2008

Re: Peak Oil preparations

... I would say very relevant. One of our primary rules is that we don't make decisions purely for peak oil purposes. We're country folk and that's where we
Geoff Capper
Sep 2, 2008

Re: Peak Oil preparations

... one ... provided ... and get ... I like the Earth Garden and Grass Roots magazines including Natural House Builder. Dont know if they are relevant but i'm
Sep 2, 2008

Re: Peak Oil preparations

... This is my favourite PO blog. The following quote sums it all up for me: "Central to my argument is that it's not a problem that can be fixed; it's a
Geoff Capper
Sep 1, 2008

Peak Oil preparations

How is everyone going with their "Peak Oil preparations"? My attitude has changed from an urgent "Hurry, or we're all going to die!" to a more subdued,
James Ward
Sep 1, 2008
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