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All Things HERMON. . . (08/31/06)

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  • asncalert
    All Things HERMON. . . (08/31/06) *** You re washing the last of the sand and saltwater out of your beach towels, printing out or picking up your summer photos
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
      All Things HERMON. . . (08/31/06)

      *** You're washing the last of the sand and saltwater out of your
      beach towels, printing out or picking up your summer photos -- school
      and real life are about to kick in once again.

      Yikes! It's September, and as with the first Saturday of every other
      month for almost 4 years now, this Saturday, the 2nd, at 8 a.m.,
      Hermon's "Clean Team" meets by Monterey Donuts (5930 Monterey Road),
      devours their favorite donuts, then grabs city-provided gloves and as
      many huge trash bags as we can squeeze in our pockets and head off in
      different directions to pick up trash.

      And so that people wouldn't think we were some kind of work-release
      prison program (we've actually been asked) that's us in the spiffy
      royal blue T-shirts designed by Hermon's Adam Byrne and graciously
      funded by our Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council -- thanks ASNC.

      We're always looking for new Clean Team-ers, even if you can only help
      out now and then -- it's a really good experience. You get great
      exercise, meet fascinating neighbors, and hey -- you'll even have
      bottled water delivered to you towards the end of the 1-1/2 hours.
      Where else are you going to get that? See you Saturday! (You'll get
      your own royal blue T-shirt too.)

      *** A few Fridays back, a most remarkable thing happened in Hermon. A
      group of 12-13 people stood in a circle on the dusty hillside where
      the Bushnell Way "stroller parents" and most students, who use it as a
      shortcut to scramble to and from school, walk everyday. It's the area
      off Via Marisol, across the street from Hermon Park.

      In the group was a Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
      Superintendent, an area director, landscaper, plumber, and others; a
      city engineer; field deputy's from both Councilmember Jose Huizar's
      and Ed Reyes' offices; a Hermon Representative and an Environmental
      Representative to the ASNC; Bushnell Way Principal Leticia Figueroa;
      the Debs Park Advisory Board President; and community members.

      They had come to discuss and assign feasibility research, consider
      design possibilities, and begin the process of funding a natural
      park-setting pathway built on the embankment so that on rainy days
      "stroller parents" would bring their students to school, and students
      would have a safe, beautiful way to get up and down that steep
      hillside to school.

      For well over a dozen years, the student's parents and school
      leadership have repeatedly requested a safer pathway. So, finally --
      here we are. The City departments and council leadership promised to
      bring their plans to the community for review before implementation.
      Our deepest gratitude to the many departments, council offices,
      volunteer leaders, and school leadership that have met in different
      meetings to see how to make this happen.

      *** We have a Hermon neighbor looking to adopt a Basset Hound puppy
      and would like any info or resources you might have to help him find
      one. E-mail me at WendiRiser@... and I'll forward your information
      to him.

      *** Want to learn more about how you can prepare for a major local
      disaster? Members of the community are invited to attend a free
      seminar sponsored by the LA Fire Deptartment's CERT program on
      emergency preparedness. Details are as follows:
      What: "CERT-Lite" Disaster Awareness Course
      When: Saturday, Oct. 14, 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      Where: Ramona Hall, 4580 N. Figueroa, L.A. 90042
      This 3-1/2 hour training course is taught by certified LA Fire Dept.
      personnel and will provide an overview of basic Disaster Preparedness
      and serve as an introduction to the comprehensive, 17-1/2 hour,
      Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training. The Disaster
      Awareness Course is designed to fit the needs of various types of
      people or groups. The training provides these people with the
      information to help themselves, family, and co-workers during times of

      Spread the news about this FREE Program on Saturday, Oct. 14 in our
      The Disaster Awareness Course consists of the following:
      -- Introduction to disasters and the types of disasters that the
      community may be susceptible to, including earthquakes and WMD incidents;
      -- Review smaller emergencies that may be found at home or in the
      workplace, such as electrical shorts, fires, and accidents;
      -- Mitigation and prevention of emergencies -- specifically describing
      the benefits of evacuation plans and emergency supply kits;
      -- Overview of basic search and rescue techniques and education on
      when such rescues are appropriate;
      -- Overview of basic disaster medical operations and lessons in basic
      life support.

      (More details of this course are available at

      Pre-registration is required for this seminar. Please RSVP by
      e-mailing mark@... or calling 323-254-3046. Please provide
      your full name and phone number.

      *** All round good guy Robert Baker of the Arroyo Seco Division of
      Recreation and Parks (RAP), showed me that many of the small retaining
      walls in Hermon Park and the all the RAP Maintenance Buildings (you
      can see them from the Arroyo Seco Parkway (110 Fwy.) on the east side
      by the Marmion Way/Avenue 64 off-ramp) were made of old sidewalks from
      the 1890's.

      As Los Angeles grew and rearranged itself, its sidewalks were cut into
      stone-size shapes and placed sidewalk top-side out so that all kinds
      of interesting things that either purposely or accidentally embedded
      themselves into the cement from over a century ago can still be seen
      today. On one of the maintenance buildings is the date 1890, an
      animals paw print, some kinds of graffiti scribbles as well as the
      different things mixed into the various colors and textures of the
      cement from pebbles to a hay-like grass. Fascinating.

      ***Hooray! Councilmember Jose Huizar has begun a Saturday Bulky Item
      drop-off program.
      Any bulky item you have or want to collect from the neighborhood can
      be taken next Saturday, September 9, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 to the El
      Sereno Recreation Center parking lot at 4721 Klamath Street (corners
      of Eastern and Ruth Swigget).

      If you don't have a truck or the muscles to drop off the bulky items,
      you can still call (800) 773-2489 on the Friday morning before
      Monday's pick-up day when you'll have your bulky items at your curb.
      AND, you can call on items you see around the community, not in front
      of your house, as long as you know the address of where they are and a
      description of the items.

      Either way, let's get rid of any bulky items left curbside in our

      *** Lastly, the peacocks in Hermon (last reported on Pine Crest Drive)
      seem to have made their way over to the Avenue 60/Hill/Collis area. So
      watch for them, and of course -- let me know when and where you see
      them next. . .

      *** There is simply so much happening in Hermon, please indulge my
      sending out another edition of "All Things Hermon" in just a few days.
      Consider it my August catch-up. It's all good. . .

      In Hermon -
      Where quirky works,
      Families return,
      And dogs smile all night long.

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