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Monterey Trailer Park (in Hermon)

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  • asncalert
    Subj: Monterey Trailer Park (in Hermon) Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 13:39:15 -0500 From: WendiRiser To: npacheco@council.lacity.org Cc:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002
      Subj: Monterey Trailer Park (in Hermon)
      Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 13:39:15 -0500
      From: WendiRiser
      To: npacheco@...
      Cc: lmesa@...

      (FROM: The Hermon Neighborhood Association, c/o 6276 Pine Crest Dr.,
      L.A. 90042)

      October 28, 2002

      Dear Councilmember Pacheco,

      On Tuesday's City Council meeting of this week, a motion to include
      the MONTEREY TRAILER PARK (located in the Hermon community), on the
      city's list of Historic-Cultural Monuments was continued for one
      week, at your request. We understand from residents of the park that
      the new owner may have wanted more information on this matter.

      Please know that the Hermon Neighborhood Association supports the
      designation, and even plans to factor in this one-of-a-kind location
      prominently in our centennial celebration next year - what could be
      more fitting in Los Angeles than such a "monument" to automotive

      If you've been able to visit the location at any time, you would know
      that the term "park" is very appropriate. Believed to have once been
      a stagecoach stop, the park's 150-year-old trees and quiet,
      attractive layout gives the resident (many of them long-
      time "Hermonites") a peaceful oasis just a few hundred feet from the
      110 Freeway and busy Monterey Road.

      The Hermon Neighborhood Association would be happy to work with the
      Park's new owner and several dozen residents in any way that might
      ease the process of honoring and preserving this portion of our 99-
      year-old community's unique history.

      When this issue is placed back on the Council agenda on November 5,
      we strongly urge you to support the Monterey Trailer Park's historic-
      cultural designation.

      Thanks to you and your staff for your continued support of our goal
      of making the Hermon community of Los Angeles a better-known and
      attractive place to live and work in our great city.

      Best Regards;

      (for the HNA Core Planning Group)

      cc: Liberty Mesa
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