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  • asncalert
    PETITION FOR EAGLE ROCK HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL -- PLEASE SIGN IT AND SEND! The choice of who leads Eagle Rock High School will affect all of us in Northeast Los
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      The choice of who leads Eagle Rock High School will affect all of us
      in Northeast Los Angeles, whether we have kids in that school or not.

      Please take a minute to copy the petition below into a new e.mail
      message. At the bottom, type in the date, your name(s) and address,
      and any comments you might have.

      Then, send your signed petition to roy.romer@... and
      rosamaria.hernandez@..., with a copy to
      e.letter@.... Thank you!

      Joanne Turner <artburn@...>
      President Emeritus, The Eagle Rock Association (TERA)


      Dear Superintendent Romer and Director Hernandez:

      The Eagle Rock High School candidate for Principal best qualified
      and most favored by students, parents, faculty, and administration
      is current Eagle Rock High School Vice Principal Mr. Jorge (George)
      Garcia. Below are just some of the reasons why:

      1) Continuity in the administration of the High School.

      Mr. Garcia has been at Eagle Rock High School for 30 years.
      Stability in the administration of our high school is essential for
      successfully educating our students. There are generations of
      families that Mr. Garcia has taught and mentored, including members
      of the staff who have publicly cited him as a personal reason to
      come back to Eagle Rock High to teach and work. There are teachers
      who have said they were inspired to become teachers because of him
      and his guidance.

      2) Discipline and personal responsibility.

      Mr. Garcia has been fundamentally responsible for discipline and
      guidance for generations at Eagle Rock High. Mr. Flecha is leaving
      Eagle Rock High because discipline broke down completely at another
      school, Jefferson High. Even before he became the Dean of Students,
      Mr. Garcia's Metal Workshop class was a favorite among the student
      body, especially among our most ignored group of students --
      kinesthetic learners -- those who learn by doing, touching, and
      making. Mr. Garcia took these students out into the community and
      showed them the dignity of honest work and the practical reasons to
      learn accounting and public speaking through interaction with the
      community. He has truly been an inspiration to generations of Eagle
      Rock students.

      3) Administrative ability.

      Mr. Garcia has administered his position as Assistant Principal in a
      most excellent manner, something he has done under three different
      Principals. He typifies the notion that if you have an important
      task, give it to the busy person and he will dispatch it most
      expeditiously. As an example of his hands-on, innovative ability,
      Mr. Garcia had a dear friend, Mr. Espinosa, pass away at school a
      few years back. He decided to establish a fundraising golf
      tournament in his friend's honor. The tournament has been a huge
      success, and Mr. Garcia administers it almost single-handedly.

      Superintendent Romer and Director Hernandez, we want and need Mr.
      Garcia to lead Eagle Rock High School as our new Principal. It
      would be the very best decision for the students, parents, faculty,
      and administration. Thank you!


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