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ALERT/Cingular Wireless Hearing

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  • asncalert
    From: Bennett Kayser Date: Fri Sep 27, 2002 10:03:03 AM US/Pacific To: EchoElysianNCForum@yahoogroups.com, Mar Vista Neighborhood Council , Glassell Park
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2002
      From: Bennett Kayser
      Date: Fri Sep 27, 2002 10:03:03 AM US/Pacific
      To: EchoElysianNCForum@yahoogroups.com, Mar Vista Neighborhood
      Council , Glassell Park Neighborhood Council , Arroyo Seco
      Neighborhood Council
      Cc: Cindy Miscikowski Subject:
      Fwd: ALERT/Cingular Wireless Hearing

      Hello All,
      We need a City policy that sets limits and standards for cellular
      towers. Carriers (Cingular, AT&T, etc) should be required to share
      towers to reduce the number of towers in LA -- especially in and
      around residential areas. Towers should not be allowed in in Historic
      Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZ). Councilmember Cindy Miscikowski
      has been our champion in trying to make sense of the cellular system.
      Let her office know that we support her efforts.

      Subj: [nelalist] EagleRockCingular Wireless Hearing 10.1.02
      Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:07:51 AM Eastern Standard Time
      From: "Joanne Turner" <am161@...> (by way of Chris
      To: nelalist@yahoogroups.com
      Sent from the Internet (Details)


      Cingular Wireless is proposing to install a cellular antenna array on
      the Southern California Edison property located just east of Figueroa
      Street, north of La Loma. Anyone concerned about this proposal should
      attend and be heard.

      Cingular has filed an application for a zoning variance, which would
      allow them to build 12 cellular antennas and one microwave dish that
      would all be mounted about midway up one of the existing electrical
      towers on the property located at 951 W. La Loma, across from the

      The hearing is scheduled for:

      Tues., Oct. 1 at 9:30 a.m.
      Office of Zoning Administration
      200 N. Spring St., Room 1020
      LA, CA 90012

      RE: Application ZA 2002-2969

      Below is TERA's letter in opposition to this proposal:

      Mr. Robert Janovici
      Chief Zoning Administrator
      Office of Zoning Administration
      200 North Spring St., 7th. Floor
      Los Angeles CA 90012

      Re: ZA 2002-2969 (CU)

      Dear Mr. Janovici:

      The Land Use Committee of The Eagle Rock Association (TERA), a
      concerned citizens group with over 1,000 members within the impacted
      neighborhood of the above application, has been asked to review and
      comment upon the pending application for an additional cellular
      antenna array to be located close to the corner of Colorado Blvd and
      Figueroa Street.

      We believe that there are several reasons to deny this application.

      1. There Are Material Misstatements Within the Conditional Use Permit

      "Additional findings pursuant to Ordinance 174132:

      The answer to question 4 states "The radio frequency Engineers at
      Cingular Wireless have surveyed the area and have determined it was
      necessary to locate their wireless telecommunications facility within
      close proximity to the intersection of Colorado Blvd. and Figueroa
      Street, which is an undeveloped area with no surrounding commercial

      In the immediate vicinity of the proposed tower there exists a
      Standard gasoline station, a Sav-on Drug store (under construction,
      due to complete in the next 30-60 days), a US Post office (a large
      regional facility with several hundred employees) and an office
      building. Within 200 feet of the intersection there are other office
      buildings and a Mc Donald's restaurant. Immediately to the East of
      the proposed site, less than 200 feet away from the proposed antenna
      array and at eye-level with the array, are more than 10 residences.
      This area is heavily urbanized, at the intersection of two primary
      commuter thoroughfares and is a major connection for over a dozen bus
      lines. It is hardly an undeveloped area!

      This statement constitutes a misrepresentation of the character of
      the area and misleads the reader into believing that there will be
      little impact on the area.

      2. Unnecessary Creation of New Facilities.

      There are two other telecommunications towers within 400 yards radius
      of this proposed site.
      There is no proof of a sufficient gap in service, other than the
      inference of the application. There is no statement in the
      application that an "effort in good faith" to co-locate on either of
      these two existing sites was actually made or evidence that such an
      effort was denied by the other users of the existing sites.

      3. Adverse Impact on Properties or Improvements in the Surrounding

      The application misstates the existing condition and surroundings of
      the site. The site has an inadequately secured perimeter fence that
      invites intrusion. The proposed new structure on the site (10 x 16
      feet, that is unattended) is likely to be the object of tagging , and
      by extension, lead to tagging in other parts of the commercial
      neighborhood. Any tag on this structure will be immediately visible
      to auto traffic and bus commuters.

      Statements in the application regarding landscaping of the site are
      indicated as "NA".
      A tagging watch or hotline, landscaping of the building and fence,
      fence repairs and improved security for the site could have and
      should have been addressed in the application but were not.

      We believe that the application completely fails to address the
      easily extrapolated future of the site in an effort to limit
      Cingular's and Southern California Edison's obligations to the
      neighborhood; indeed, the application ignores the very existence of
      the surrounding neighborhood.

      4. Tower Dumping Ground.

      The approval of this additional application creates three locations
      that could allow additional "co-location" with their original
      equipment with little local control, and could easily set additional
      precedence for several more SCE tower antenna farms on adjacent
      towers. This type of proliferation is unacceptable to the notion of
      good zoning, local control and determination.

      While this accumulation is by its nature incremental, it already has
      had substantial negative effects on the property values of the
      surrounding businesses and residential properties that will escalate
      as conditions worsen due to the incremental accumulation of these
      types of towers.

      This application is the fourth attempt (three have been carried out
      to date) to scar this small neighborhood, without one act of
      amelioration to the effected property owners and users by the
      organizations that are given license (and profits) by Zoning
      Administration approval of these types of towers.

      For these reasons we recommend denial of this application.

      Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


      Joanne Turner, President
      The Eagle Rock Association

      To voice your opinion to the zoning administrator, please contact the
      following, and please don't forget to include the application (ZA)

      RE: Application ZA 2002-2969CU
      Office of Zoning Administration
      200 N. Spring Street 7th Floor
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      E.mail: dgreen@...

      Please see the information attached, and copy any correspondence to
      Eagle Rock resident Jessica Wethington at jessicadw@....

      Thank you.

      Joanne Turner <artburn@...>
      President, The Eagle Rock Association (TERA)
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