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Motions passed at the ASNC General Meeting 7/26/04:

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  • asncalert
    The following are the motions passed by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council at the meeting on July 26 at Ramona Hall: • Regarding the Oneonta Drive
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2004
      The following are the motions passed by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood
      Council at the meeting on July 26 at Ramona Hall:

      • Regarding the Oneonta Drive construction site in Mount
      The ASNC urges CD14 to request the Department of Building and Safety
      immediately get enforcement of code violations, meet with the owner
      (s) and report back to us in 3 months as to what the plan of action
      will be, and immediately contact the City Attorney with respect to
      what the legal options that the community has.

      * Candidate Recruitment Committee: Carol Jacques and Jim Thompson
      were nominated for Mt. Washington. Diane Ryan and Rose Aleman were
      nominated for Montecito Heights. Ida Simms was nominated for
      Monterey Hills. Wendi Riser was nominated for Hermon. Donnette
      Thayer was nominated for Sycamore Grove. John Acosta moved that we
      accept the nominations and Patrick Botz-Forbes seconded. The motion
      was voted upon and passed.

      * ASNC write a letter to commend City Council for taking this action
      on behalf of the Wildlife Program officer and that ASNC be updated
      quarterly on the status of the officers

      * ASNC be a sponsor to local community projects in Debs Park and
      Elyria Canyon on National Public Lands Day

      • The ASNC should work with adjoining Neighborhood Councils and
      other community organiztions to organize a forum to provide LAUSD
      with community input regarding: curricula and facilities for the new
      Taylor Yard High School.

      • The ASNC should request that the city place "Mount Washington"
      signs at key thoroughfares that demarcate the community's borders as
      defined by the ASNC boundaries. Locations for the signs should be as

      Isabel and Roseview
      Museum Drive and Marmion
      Marmion and Avenue 42
      Marmion and Avenue 45
      Marmion and Mt. Washington Drive
      Jessica and Division Street
      Jessica and Cleland
      Palmero and Division Street
      Oneonta and El Paso
      Division and El Paso
      Sunnyheights and Divison

      • The ASNC should hold a forum pertaining to speeding, stop signs, traffic, mitigations, parking issues and traffic flow. Participants should include Department of Transportation, LAPD and LAFD representatives, Department of Sanitation representatives and those responsible for bulky item pick-up, the date to be determined.

      • In order to maximize stakeholder involvement and registration, the section of the standing rules regarding Deputy Registrars which now reads "The Registrar shall, at his or her discretion, nominate one or more members of the Outreach and Communications Committee to serve as Deputy Registrars." shall in the future read "The Registrar shall, at his or her discretion, nominate any number of registered stakeholders to serve as Deputy Registrars."

      The following list of people were nominated and approved to the post of deputy

      Martha Benedict
      Pat Griffith
      Rob Schraff
      Scott Burleigh
      Natalie Seaman
      Ida Simms
      John Acosta
      Gloria Schneider
      Sheryl Gettman
      Donnette Thayer
      Jim Thompson
      Eliot Sekuler
      Scott Folsom
      Bill Murray
      Patrick Botz-Forbes
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