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The Weekend Go Go: Sci-Fi Sounds, Boardwalk Beats, Wilshire Walk & Roll

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    The Weekend Go Go: Sci-Fi Sounds, Boardwalk Beats, Wilshire Walk & Roll by Kim Ohanneson Get ready to blast off.... Go Go ers, perhaps you ve been celebrating
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2013
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      The Weekend Go Go: Sci-Fi Sounds, Boardwalk Beats, Wilshire Walk & Roll
      by Kim Ohanneson

      Get ready to blast off....
      Go Go'ers, perhaps you've been celebrating summer for weeks now.
      If so, carry on.
      The official season of easy breezy starts Friday, however, with a trio of free, out-of-doors/under the stars/sunny side up events.
      Summertime, and the living is...outside.

      To Summer...and Beyond!
      To celebrate the longest day of 2013 you'll want to:
      Load up the picnic basket.
      Test-drive those new bottles of gin and tonic.
      Blast off to space.

      Go Go'ers, the latter is not a euphemism for the aforementioned gin & tonic consumption but your destination with The Final Frontier: An Improvised Sci-Fi Sound Track with Mark De Clive-Lowe at 2013's inaugural Grand Performances event.

      The California Plaza Water Court is the perfect, not-quite-of-this-world spot to start your journey into the beyond with Mark De Clive-Lowe (MdCL), a conceptual composer, producer and DJ. Joined by acclaimed musicians Walter Smith III and Jamire Williams (ERIMAJ), MdCL will a compose an on-the-spot soundtrack for a big-screen montage of sci-fi movies mashed-up by VJ Steve Nalepa.

      This year, boldy start summer where no man has gone before.

      GRAND PERFORMANCES PRESENTS THE FINAL FRONTIER -- Fri, June 21 @ 8pm; FREE -- California Plaza, 350 S Grand Ave, DTLA 90071 http://www.grandperformances.org/visit/

      Do that thing that you do.
      Hit the Road, Jack
      Streets without cars. Fun.
      Streets without cars but with bikes AND pedestrians? More fun.

      If you've been at any of the past four CicLAvias, you know they've been wheel big deals with cyclists dominating the car-free streets.
      If you've avoided past events because you're pokey on your beach cruiser or more of a meander-er than a marathoner, Sunday's Iconic Wilshire Boulevard event will make you a believer

      Aimed at those who want to stop and smell the roses (or the tar pits), the shorter, six-mile route and longer, seven hour schedule are more pedestrian friendly with WalkLAvia providing a loose schedule for those who want to be part of a group presence on the streets or sidewalks.

      If you're checking off exhibits and events from Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A., free podcasts and copies of The Modernist's Guide to Iconic Wilshire Boulevard can be downloaded. The Modernist's Guide... will also be given out at every hub so you can sight-see as you stroll.

      Interactive stops include urban yoga in MacArthur Park, Korean BBQ in K-town, and art installations like Ruben Ochoa's giant Dancing POPOS, at the LACMA-adjacent ForYourArt.

      You could imitate those POPOS for hours.

      ICONIC WILSHIRE BOULEVARD -- Sun, June 23, 9am - 4pm; FREE. For more info, go to CicLAvia/WalkLAvia

      Ready? U Know U Want 2 Go Go....

      Kim Ohanneson | June 20, 2013 at 6:35 am | Tags: CicLAvia, Grand Performances - The Final Frontier, Venice Beach Crawl, WalkLAvia | Categories: The Weekend Go Go | URL: http://wp.me/pPFKe-1eJ
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