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Mt. Royal Developer Returns, and More Land Use News

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  • Arroyo Seco NC
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2013

      May 14, 2013

      Hello Neighbor!
      Special Land Use Edition of our Newsletter

      The Land Use Committee of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council meets this Thursday, May 16, at 7:00. (Details below.)

      We're trying to get you monthly Land Use updates, since the Land Use Committee of the ERNC is one of the most important citizen-led organizations in Eagle Rock. You can have a say in what gets built (or not built) in town, who has a liquor license, and everything from parking to signage -- but you have to show up to meetings, and educate yourself with the information that is available for the asking.

      It's the ERNC's job to keep an eye on the Planning Dept., and keep an eye out for developments and other changes coming to Eagle Rock. The Land Use and Planning Committee of the ERNC has a right to request that any Planning case come before it -- and they usually do. Your job is to show up at the meetings, ask questions, and make your voice heard.

      If you don't like something happening in town, or are surprised about a building being built/demolished or a store that opens/closes near you, don't complain -- get involved!

      Land Use Committee Meets This Thursday 5/16 at 7:00pm
      Mt. Royal Drive Developer Returns

      The ERNC Land Use Committee meets this Thursday, May 16, at 7:00 PM at Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Boulevard (at Shearin). The agenda can be found at this link.

      This week, the only item on the agenda is a proposed housing development at the top of Mt. Royal Drive, below the 134 Freeway. If allowed by the Planning Department, the development will subdivide the area to allow 8 adjacent houses, on a new private and gated street.

      At the April Land Use Committee meeting, the developer and architect of the Mt. Royal project faced a crowd of residents who live near the proposed development. After their presentation, there were a lot of pointed questions from the audience, and pointed answers from the developer. Eagle Rock Patch did a good job of covering the meeting -- their article describing how it went is available at this link.

      This week, the Mt. Royal Developer and Architect return with new information, and to take more questions from residents. It's important to note that the developer has not yet applied for his subdivision plan, or his exceptions to the Baseline Hillside Ordinance. No matter what your opinion is on the proposed development, all of us should be happy that the system is working. If you plan to attend the meeting, we ask that you please show our guests (and the all-volunteer committee) the courtesy that they deserve.

      Here is some background information on the development:

      Click here to see the plans for the houses in our Google Drive folder for the Mt. Royal development. This plot of land has remained undeveloped, because L.A.'s Baseline Hillside Ordinance places restrictions on the size and kinds of housing that can be built in hillside areas. But if exceptions to the code are granted by the Planning Department, then building can commence.

      Details from the Planning Department:

      5370 & 5382 N MOUNT ROYAL DRIVE
      GROSS AREA - 69,360 SF. OR 1.59 ACRES.
      ZONE - R1-1
      Propose 8 Lots, Single Family Dwelling for Tentative Tract Map 71245.
      Request to City Planning for the following.

      1. Tentative Map to subdivide 8 lots in the R1-1 zone. Private Street. Average lots sizes 5000-9100 sq.ft.
      2. Zoning Adjustment for Front Yards of 15 feet in lieu of 20 feet required.
      3. Zoning Adjustment for reduce side yard of 5 feet in lieu of the 7 feet required.
      4. Zoning Adjustment for Over height of Retaining Walls greater than 12 feet and more than 2 walls allowed per site. Since the site has steep slopes and conform with the terrain, multiple of retaining walls will have to be constructed to support the site.
      4. Variance for increase in Residential Floor area. Proposed square foot averages 2,500-3,200 sq ft. in lieu of the 25% rule for lot area. Proposed lots average from 5,000 to 9,100 sq.ft. If using the standard rule of 5000 sq.ft x 25%, We can only build a 1,250 square foot building.
      5. Variance for additional Grading as part of the tract development and Haul Route for Export of materials.
      The project will be privately financed.

      Stan Fargeon
      Mount Royal Llc
      3215 Laurel Canyon Blvd
      Studio City , CA 91604
      Steve Brabson (Architect)
      Franklin Studios, Inc.
      6561 Franklin Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90028
      p. 323-850-1400 Ex. 202 c. 310-770-5190

      Sightwaves Update
      Developer to Present at June 20 ERNC Land Use Meeting

      1351-1355 Colorado Blvd.: After sitting empty for years, the old Sightwaves/Boston Transmission site at the corner of Eagle Vista is now owned by Specialized Realty, a Glendale developer who say they may try to convert it into a mini-mall, a use not allowed by the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan.

      An exception to the Specific Plan is not required to renovate the building, nor is one required for the developer to rent the building out to a single tenant -- a use the developer is actively seeking in real estate listings for the property, along with potential mini-mall tenants. It will eventually be up to the Planning Department to grant or reject any exceptions to the Specific Plan.

      The Land Use Committee of the ERNC will get to discuss these issues and more at their June 20 meeting, when representatives of Specialized Realty will come before them and give a presentation about their plans for 1351 Colorado. We welcome them, and look forward to hearing about the project.

      We've got drawings and plans for the proposed development in our 1351 Colorado Google Drive folder.

      For those unfamiliar with it, the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan (pdf link) is a layer of code that sits on top of the City Code, specific to Eagle Rock's main commercial corridor. It was written by neighborhood advocates in 1992 to lay out a vision for the future of Eagle Rock, specifying certain kinds of aesthetic requirements for landscaping and signage, and prohibiting certain kinds of businesses -- like automobile repair shops, fast food drive-thrus, and mini-malls. (The LA Municipal Code defines a "mini-mall," generally, as any 2 retail spaces next to each other in the same building.) It's an interesting document, and if you're interested in Colorado Boulevard, it should be on your reading list. The ERNC has been discussing the Specific Plan at its meetings, and in the future we'll have events where community input on the Plan is welcomed.

      Contact: The ERNC Communications Team

      Copyright © 2013, Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council. If you wish to reprint all or part of this newsletter in your blog, newspaper, or other publication, you must give prominent written credit to the ERNC, and send a copy or link to: info@...
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