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Debs Park Update 1.31.03

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  • asncalert <patgriffit@aol.com>
    From: LAQuirarte@ aol.com Ernest E. Debs Regional Park Development Project Update Debs Park is currently CLOSED (regrettably in its entirety) while certain
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2003
      From: LAQuirarte@ aol.com

      Ernest E. Debs Regional Park Development Project Update

      Debs Park is currently CLOSED (regrettably in its entirety) while
      certain areas are under repair. The following (revised 1/29/03 by the
      City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering) describes the scope of
      the work (funded by recently passed Park Bond Initiatives and bills
      passed by Speaker Emeritus Antonio Villaraigosa) and the current best
      estimates for completion:

      Native Terraced Garden (May 2003 Completion)
      Construction of a pedestrian entrance at the southern tip of Debs
      Park (near the corner of Boundary Ave and Mercury Ave), which will
      include planting of native species, grading, concrete stairs,
      decomposed granite pathways, boulder installation, erosion control,
      automated irrigation system, fencing new driveway and a new sidewalk.

      Rose Hills Ballfield Improvements (April 2003 Completion)
      Refurbishment of two existing ballfields (also on the southern El
      Serino side of the park), which will include a new automated
      irrigation system, refurbished backstops, refurbished infield,
      refurbished sports turf, new concrete paving and lighting.

      General Park Refurbishment (August 2003 Completion)
      Refurbishment of existing main Entry Road and Parking Lot. Drainage
      improvements. New water mainlines for fire protection, irrigation and
      domestic water.

      Area III (hillside area) Improvements (June 2003 Completion)
      Construction of a new Gazebo. Installation, planting and irrigation

      The following (unofficial/personal) addenda regard the above:

      (1) Area designations refer to the Debs Park Master Plan where the
      park is conceptually divided as: Area I (active recreation fields),
      Area II (picnic areas), Area III (natural open space), Area IV
      (Audubon Center)

      (2) Care is being taken by Construction Supervisor Michael Henderson
      to protect existing flora and fauna -- especially native trees!

      (3) Trisha Ward's ARTScorpsLA (which will administer activities in
      the "native garden" area) is still welcoming donations and is seeking
      additional funding. Please! Everybody! Get out your checkbooks! NOW!

      (4) Audubon's popular naturalist Darrell Young confirms that they are
      still hoping for a Grand Opening of their fabulous new multi-million
      dollar Debs Park Nature Center this Autumn.

      (5) The Debs PAB last year advised rejection of all hardscape
      improvements in the pond and waterfall area for the current funding
      cycle, preferring that any future work here be inspired by a desire
      to enhance its natural aspects (e.g., planting to attract migratory
      birds), rather than being driven by maintenance or security issues.

      (6) Area III is still planned to be returned to an idealized
      condition (with an eventual elimination of exotics and replanting of
      natives) as a natural preserve complementing the adjacent Audubon
      area -- this future effort is not included in this current Debs Park
      development work.

      Any questions/comments should be directed to laquirarte@ aol.com, or
      state them during the public comment period at the next regular
      meeting of the Debs Park Advisory Board, at Ramona Hall (4580 N.
      Figueroa St., LA, CA 90042). 7 p.m., Wednesday, February 26, 2003
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