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Three Cheers for Two Local Activists

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  • asncalert
    Posted by: news@arroyoseco.org news@arroyoseco.org Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:15 pm on Arroyo_Seco_News@yahoogroups.com Elva Yañez and Miguel Luna to Be Honored
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      Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:15 pm on Arroyo_Seco_News@yahoogroups.com

      Elva Yañez and Miguel Luna to Be Honored
      The Planning and Conservation League, a statewide environmental
      advocacy group, has included two local activists on their list of
      environmental heroes of 2008 - Elva Yañez and Miguel Luna. Elva and
      Miguel will be feted at a banquet in Sacramento on February 7 that is
      part of the group's annual symposium.

      Here are the descriptions found in the PCL announcement.

      Elva Yañez

      Environmental Justice Advocate of the Year

      "Whether she is creating parks for people, running the Audubon Center
      in East L.A., or campaigning for environmental legislation, Elva Yañez
      is a steadfast environmental and environmental justice activist. Her
      extensive experience with coalition building, community organizing,
      and public policy has played a central role in her success. In 2008,
      she organized Los Angeles area leaders and residents to advocate on
      behalf of Senator Kuehl's bill to improve transparency in the
      environmental review process, leading local workshops and bringing
      teams of activists to lobby in Sacramento."

      Miguel Luna

      Dorothy Green Water Advocate Award

      "Miguel Luna, the Executive Director of Urban Semillas, is receiving
      the inaugural Dorothy Green Award in honor of his efforts to protect
      Los Angeles area watersheds and coastal areas and to educate and
      inspire young leaders in the environmental and environmental justice
      Miguel is a co-founder of "Agua University," a program that teaches
      Los Angeles high school students about California water issues as a
      way to learn about environmental stewardship and make a difference in
      their communities. Miguel carries on Dorothy's tradition of passionate
      advocacy for California's water resources and investment in developing
      strong community leaders, and we are very pleased to honor him with
      this new award."

      Other PCL awardees include State Senator Sheila Kuehl, Terry Watt,
      Green LA, and Working Assets.

      For more information about the PCL conference and banquet, please go to

      Congratulatons Elva and Miguel!
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