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      Under the Radar 8/2 Message List
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      Under The Radar

      Curated by Kathy Gallegos

      Armando Baeza
      Andres Montoya
      CiCi Segura Gonzalez
      Gil Ortiz
      Eloy Torrez

      August 2 – 23, 2008

      Opening Reception: Saturday, August 2nd, 6 – 10 pm

      Lawrence Asher Gallery
      5820 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036
      Contact, James Panozzo
      323-935-9100, Fax 323-935-9113
      E-mail: <mailto:james@...>
      Web site: <http://www.lawrenceasher.com>
      Gallery hours, Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm,
      Saturday, 12noon – 5pm

      Under the Radar at Lawrence Asher Gallery is an
      exhibition by important Latino artists. Each one
      has achieved a notable level of recognition with
      work that combines commanding execution and great
      visual style. While these artists are not yet part
      of the mainstream art world, many of them have been
      honing their craft for years, perfecting techniques
      and imbuing their works with the breath of
      creativity. They have managed a unique, highly
      personal way of looking at themselves, a departure
      from the radicalism of the Chicano Art Movement of
      the 60's and 70's.

      Collectively, Armando Baeza, CiCi Segura Gonzalez,
      Andres Montoya, Gil Ortiz, Retna (Marquis Lewis),
      and Eloy Torrez , have appeared in hundreds of
      gallery exhibitions and museum shows, sold countless
      pieces, and have been published in numerous
      catalogues and articles. Given the depth of
      experience and ability, these artists represent a
      vibrant segment of Los Angeles life.

      Please join us for this opening reception on
      Saturday, August 2nd, 2008, 6 – 10 pm.

      The Artists

      Eloy Torrez has produced significant works as an
      artist, painter, muralist and songwriter since he
      graduated from Otis Art Institute over two decades
      ago. He has exhibited his studio work
      internationally since 1978. His paintings focus on
      the human figure and psychological circumstance.
      The work is usually executed with oil paint on
      canvas or metal. His most recent mural is the
      addition to "Portrait of Hollywood"(2003), the John
      Ritter tribute mural on Hawthorn and Highland Ave ,
      on the exterior wall of the Hollywood High School
      auditorium. His work is currently in the
      "Los Angelenos" exhibit at LACMA. Awards include a
      2009 C.O.L.A. grant from the City of Los Angeles,
      2004 Getty Fellowship/California Community
      Foundation award, for mid-career artists and the
      Brody Fellowship for the Humanities, 1995 Hollywood
      Arts Council's Charlie Awardfor public art. Eloy was
      awarded Honoree for Years with the HeArt Project
      Workshops, 2007. He has been awarded several
      certificates of recognition for public art and
      service. He is also a recipient of numerous Artist
      in Residency appointments.

      Retna (Marquis Lewis) moves beyond walls, trains,
      bridges and freeway overpasses throughout L.A. to
      produce paintings filled with passion and style. He
      merges Mayan, Egyptian, and Asian motifs with
      contemporary imagery. He is greatly admired and
      collected by many with an especially strong following
      in the music industry. Retna's art has appeared in
      videos for Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, and Will Smith.
      He appeared alongside Metallica at the American Music
      Awards, creating one of his signature pieces live on stage.
      Looking at pop culture and adapting it to a more classical
      style is what I am known for as an artist. It's something
      I learned to do on the street and I'm proud to now
      incorporate in my paintings. – Retna

      Gil Ortiz's traditional photography explores Los
      Angeles devoid people. His career began when an offer
      to assist photographer, Richard Beattie took him to
      the New York City where he developed his own distinct
      style. His body of work includes series from his
      travels to Europe , Scandinavia , the Caribbean , and
      Latin America . Gil has worked with sports figures
      ranging from Mohammed Ali to Freddie Roach and
      celebrities including Keith Richards and Tom Waits
      (music), Kent Twitchell (muralist) and Cesar Chavez
      (social activist) Pablo Ferro, Fred Mogubgub, and
      Tommy Schlamme (film/animation). Select corporate and
      institutional clients include Sony, 20th Century Fox,
      Fiduciary Trust NYC, Big Brothers of New York, Old
      Head Golf Clubs in Ireland and the Lost Canyons golf
      course in Simi Valley , California .

      Andres Montoya - In this recent body of work I have
      delved deeply into my experience, memories and dreams.
      Emotions such as love, melancholy and loneliness are
      prevalent throughout, and embodied in the figurative
      as well as the landscape. My goal in this series of
      paintings is to create a psychological and a esthetical
      bridge where all of us can look and hopefully connect.
      - AM Andres Montoya has extensive local and
      international exhibition experience. Most notably are
      his exhibitions in Lyon , France at the "Parci-Par-La
      Gallery and the Murnau Gallery in Sevilla , Spain .
      His work has been showcased in Museums including the
      Latino Art Museum in Claremont , The Craft and Folk
      Art Museum , The California African American Museum.
      Notable exhibitions include shows at Los Angeles
      International Airport , Los Angeles City Hall , Millard
      Sheets Gallery in Pomona , Los Angeles City College and
      the University of Judaism . Television productions include
      "Cane" and "Day Break" while publications such as
      The L.A. Times, Chicano Art Magazine, the Millard Sheets
      Gallery Catalog have included Andres' work.

      CiCi Segura Gonzalez's unpredictable abstractions
      are visually fun. Yet, when looking closely, they
      contain subtle stories. Fascinated by uncharted,
      infinite space and the human mind her work begins a
      journey with no direction but with a definite purpose:
      expression and sensation without words.

      Armando Baeza's figurative sculptures are sensuous
      and playful and pay tribute to the female form.
      Attempts at objective realism in art are much like
      attempts to duplicate the unreachable essence. We
      each gravitate towards expressions of forms, colors,
      sounds, words and ideas that reflect our subjective
      viewpoint. The word aesthetics is even more interesting
      to me. Everything under the sun possesses the full
      spectrum of taste values, all under the umbrella of
      aesthetics. Forms, colors, sounds, odors, words or
      objects resonate according to our individual taste
      values, our biased perceptions. This defines our
      individuality, our world, the "mind road" we travel
      alone. Our Joyous Alternative . -- AB

      Lawrence Asher Gallery
      5820 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036
      Contact, James Panozzo
      323-935-9100, Fax 323-935-9113
      E-mail: <mailto:james@...>
      Web site: <http://www.lawrenceasher.com>
      Gallery hours, Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm,
      Saturday, 12noon – 5pm

      Kathy Gallegos Avenue 50 Studio 131 No. Avenue 50
      Highland Park, CA 90042 (323) 258-1435
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