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The Becerra Bulletin, May 2008

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    May 30, 2008, WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a continued effort to bring news and relevant information about our federal government back to his home district in Los
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      May 30, 2008, WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a continued
      effort to bring news and relevant information about
      our federal government back to his home district in
      Los Angeles, Representative Xavier Becerra (CA-31),
      Assistant to the Speaker of the House and the only
      congressional member from Southern California who
      sits on the House Ways and Means Committee, brings
      you "The Becerra Bulletin," an e-newsletter filled
      with facts and information meant to stimulate thought
      and discussion about American economic policy and a
      host of other issues. Click here to download a printable
      PDF version of the Bulletin.



      Congressman Becerra's Commission to Study the
      Potential Creation of a National Museum of the
      American Latino Act (H.R. 512) passed both houses
      of Congress in April and was was signed into law
      May 8. Now that the legislation is law, a 23 member
      commission will soon be formed to study the
      feasibility of and plan for a new national museum
      in the nation's capital that is dedicated to
      portraying the art, history, and culture of the
      Latino population of the United States. "If progress
      is measured in baby steps, I think it's fair to say
      that the president's pen today has brought this
      important project into its adolescence," Rep. Becerra
      said after learning that the bill was signed. "It is
      my hope that the commission will begin its work soon
      so that this vision, this dream, will further mature
      into full reality. It is truly an incredible day."

      America's middle class is struggling through one of
      the most difficult economic climates in recent
      memory. The value of the average home – usually a
      family's largest asset – is falling, foreclosures
      are on the rise, and the cost of basic necessities
      continues to increase. The New Direction Congress is
      building on the economic stimulus package to
      stabilize the housing market and keep families from
      losing their homes. Just in the past two months the
      House passed a number of bills designed to put a
      halt to the housing crisis. The Neighborhood
      Stabilization Act (H.R. 5818), passed in April, makes
      $15 billion in loans and grants available to states to
      acquire and rehabilitate foreclosed homes and restore
      values of neighboring homes. This month the House
      passed the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure
      Prevention Act (H.R. 3221), which makes $7,500
      refundable tax credits available to first-time
      homebuyers, and supplies states with $10 billion
      in additional tax-exempt bonds to refinance
      subprime homes and make loans to first-time

      On May 21 the House passed H.R. 6049, the Renewable
      Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008 by a vote of 263
      to 160. The bill includes legislative language
      authored by Rep. Becerra that creates incentives for
      producers to make movies here in the United States,
      which in turn would strengthen local economies all
      across the country, especially Los Angeles. "In these
      trying economic times, it is essential that we level
      the playing field for American film workers by
      encouraging film producers – large and small – to
      continue making movies domestically," Rep. Becerra
      said. The Becerra-authored provision is language
      similar to H.R. 3951, the Runaway Productions
      Prevention Act, legislation Rep. Becerra introduced
      last October that allows an immediate write-off for
      the first $15 million ($20 million in economically
      distressed areas) of production costs regardless of
      the ultimate cost of the production. This provides a
      significant tax incentive for film producers to do their
      economy-boosting, job-creating work in the United States.



      Rep. Becerra joined parents and teachers in
      celebrating local student artists at the 31st
      Congressional District's 2008 Art Competition
      Awards Ceremony on Saturday, May 17. The
      congressman's annual student art competition drew
      139 contestants from high schools throughout the
      district, whose artwork reflected the theme, "Los
      Angeles: A Cultural Crossroads – the Everyday and
      the Extraordinary." "The exceptional talent on
      display today and the sheer volume of entries is a
      testament to what is possible if we simply give our
      young artists the resources and encouragement to
      develop their skills and build their confidence,"
      Rep. Becerra said. The first place winner of this
      year's competition, Christopher Paguio, a senior from
      Eagle Rock High School, will receive a trip for three
      courtesy of Southwest Airlines to attend the National
      Congressional Student Art Competition ceremony in
      Washington, D.C., in June. His drawing, "Faces of Los!
      Angeles" (left) will hang in the United States Capitol
      for one year. After receiving first place recognition,
      Paguio said he hopes one day to be a professional animator.


      Becerra.House.Gov was recently named the #1 Web site
      in the House of Representatives by the Congressional
      Management Foundation.
      Visit today and find out why.

      Representative Xavier Becerra, 31st Congressional
      District, California
      Assistant to the Speaker of the House of Representatives
      Committee on Ways and Means
      Subcommittee on Oversight, Subcommittee on Health &
      Subcommittee on Social Security
      Committee on Budget


      DISTRICT OFFICE: 1910 Sunset Blvd., #810, Los Angeles, CA 90026,
      CAPITOL OFFICE: 1119 Longworth House Office Building,
      Washington, D.C. 20515, 202.225.6235
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