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TERA e.letter 11-01-2007

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    e.letter The Eagle Rock Association Nov 1, 2007 In this issue... LA Budget Mtg TODAY SW Museum Updates... ... and Protests ER Canyon Trail Garden Work Day LA
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      The Eagle Rock Association Nov 1, 2007

      In this issue...

      LA Budget Mtg TODAY

      SW Museum Updates...
      ... and Protests
      ER Canyon Trail

      Garden Work Day
      LA Historic Resources

      Ctr. for the Arts ER News

      Cactus Gallery Calls...

      News from Auntie Em's

      Sorry for the e-letter absence, but I've either been volunteering or
      out of town on business and there's only so much time in any given
      day. Thank you to all that came out to TERA's Home Tour on beautiful
      Sunday, October 14. Many volunteers made it a success, too many to
      mention in the e-letter, but nonetheless all important-I commend you
      for giving to your community. As I greeted homeowners and volunteers
      at a post-tour celebration, I was, well I was tired-yes, but mostly I
      was thrilled to see new friendships created, neighbors meeting
      neighbors for the first time, and a sense of sharing and belonging.

      It's great to meet your neighbors during fun times. Not so much for
      those that have met each other due to this past week's fire storms in
      Southern CA. How devastating for all those who lost family members,
      pets, friends and property. May our generous spirit and goodwill
      toward our neighbors south encourage us to make a contribution to a
      disaster relief organization helping them out. They will need our help
      for a long time, so give generously and often.

      Be prepared! There is no time like the present to do this. We live in
      a hilly community, with narrow streets and hard to get to places. We
      have about 4.3 dogs per resident - an exaggeration - maybe, but just
      as we care for them daily, they need their own emergency supplies. My
      dog weighs 120 pounds, eats 20 pounds of food a week and takes up of
      the back seat of my car, but I know that if I have to evacuate, I'd
      rather take him than any possession I own. Observe red flag day rules!
      Clear brush, dead plant material, and flammable items around your
      house. Get to know your neighbors now, use your neighborhood watch
      group and at your next meeting discuss how you can work together to
      prevent, prepare and evacuate if needed.

      What else can you do: Create a family disaster plan and an emergency
      plan if you own your own business. Food supplies, water, a toy for
      each child and pet. If you are thinking of buying a new computer,
      think laptop. They store a ton of information and are easy to carry
      with you. Do backups and do them religiously. Get a scanner which you
      can pick up for $100 or so these days and scan all important documents
      which will enable you to rebuild if necessary. When you think about
      what is lost in a disaster, pictures are usually the most important
      because they capture memories of our loved ones. Scan these also. They
      may not be originals, but printed and framed, the memory is the same.

      For more ways to prepare the best two resources I know are:
      www.redcross.org and www.fema.gov .

      Take care and be safe.

      Maria Nazario, President

      LA Budget Mtg TODAY

      This regional meeting will help you to understand the annual budget
      process, the important dates and milestones, and teach you how to
      become effectively engaged in the 08-09 city budget. We will have
      Ellen Sandt from the CAOs office to walk us through the more
      complicated parts of the budget. Please visit the Mayor's web page at
      the link below to study the past Budget presentations and other
      important information: http://www.lacity.org/mayor/budget/index.htm

      For a video program from the stakeholder perspective go to:
      http://www.myneighborhoodcouncil.org click on
      "yourneighborhoodcouncil.tv" then "recent programs"

      With any luck we can prioritize from 25-75 million more for the East Area.

      The details are:

      Date: Thursday, November 1, 2007

      Time: 6:15PM -8:30PM (We wish to hold a 1-hour Neighborhood Council
      meeting right after the presentation)

      Location: 840 N. Avenue 54, Franklin High School, Student cafeteria
      (Directly opposite the football field, on the north end of the campus)

      North Avenue 54 is accessible from York Blvd on the north and North
      Figueroa on the South (Both fwy close 110 or 2)

      The room will hold around 200.

      We will have food at 6:30PM and translation at 7PM for our Spanish
      speakers. If you would like to help, bring some take out food & drink.

      Heinrich Keifer, President Historic Highland Park NC
      323-385-4935 hkeifer101@...

      SW Museum Updates...

      A report from the Save the Southwest Museum Coalition, of which TERA
      is a member:

      A diverse Coalition like ours only gets stronger after persevering
      through four years of stalling, delay, misinformation, and deception
      by the management of the Autry National Center.

      Late last month, the leaders from each of our member organizations
      received a "decision already made" email update from Councilmember
      Jose Huizar. This came without the prior knowledge or input from the
      Coalition of a new "agreement" with Autry and the formation of a group
      called the "Southwest Society." We take it seriously that the
      Councilmember said he achieved what he said he could with this
      agreement, after his promise to engage the Autry.

      The Coalition steering committee is concerned that the announcement
      came as a surprise and that our numerous Coalition leaders were not
      asked, in advance of the hurried press event, to come back together to
      be informed or discuss the negotiations with the Councilmember or his

      For the full update go to:

      ... and Protests

      From Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition member Olga Hall comes
      this information:

      To all of you that are True Friends of the Southwest Museum and want
      to protect this city's treasure and history this is the moment to
      raise your voices. We hope you can join us at one or all of these

      Friday, November 2, 2007 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
      Saturday, November 3, 2007 10.00 a. m. to 12.00 p.m.
      Sunday, November 4, 2007 10:00 to 12:00 p.m.

      This is the second year the Intertribal Market will take place at the
      Autry, so we think it is a good time to make our presence known. We
      will meet in front of The Autry museum, where the crossing from the
      Zoo to the Autry is. If your have any questions please send an e-mail
      to yosemite3231@...

      ER Canyon Trail

      On Wednesday, November 7, 2007, at 7:30 pm, The Collaborative Eagle
      Rock Beautiful will present an evening at the Women's 20th Century
      Club to showcase the history and trailblazing of four acres of
      parkland surrounding the Eagle Rock. This presentation will coincide
      with the regular monthly meeting of the Kiwanis Club. The
      Collaborative welcomes all residents of Eagle Rock and surrounding
      communities to join us as we present a history of the four acres
      project and share the amazing progress of master trailblazer Peter
      Schaller and his coworkers. Many more volunteers are needed!

      This massive project encompasses the last remaining open space by the
      Rock and when completed promises to provide extensive hiking trails
      surrounded by a native and drought-resistant botanical garden in a
      magnificent setting with vistas to the sea for plein air painters,
      hikers, and sightseers.

      The Women's 20th Century Club is located at 5105 Hermosa Ave., across
      from Colombo's. For further information call John Stillion at
      323,254-6540 or Peter Schaller at 818, 957-7466.

      Garden Work Day

      From Warren Ontiveros: An invitation to join in the Eagle Rockdale
      Community Garden and Art Park expansion efforts on Saturday, November
      10, from 9 am until 1 pm.

      The Garden needs your help! The plan for November 10, is to set in the
      concrete blocks for the first set of new garden plots, as well as to
      weed and do other maintenance around the Garden. I hope you can lend
      us a helping hand.

      All are welcome to join us. Hope to see you on November 10 @ 9 a.m.!.

      LA Historic Resources

      The Office of Historic Resources is very pleased to announce the
      official launch of two new web sites -- the first comprehensive sites
      on the City of Los Angeles' historic preservation programs and its new
      citywide historic resources survey.

      See http://www.preservation.lacity.org to explore the new Office of
      Historic Resources web site, containing profiles, maps and photos of
      Los Angeles' 22 Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs), a summary
      of Los Angeles' historic designation process, and links to useful
      information on historic preservation and preservation incentives.

      A second, linked web site, http://www.surveyla.org, is devoted solely
      to "SurveyLA" -- the ambitious, multi-year Los Angeles Historic
      Resources Survey. Be sure to check out our interactive "Historic
      Resource Identification Form" that will allow community members to
      describe lesser-known Los Angeles places that deserve further
      consideration in the survey as potential historic resources.

      Both sites may also be accessed from the Department of City Planning's
      home page, http://www.planning.lacity.org/ under the "Historic
      Preservation" tab.

      We encourage you to help us spread the word about these new web sites
      and to add them as links to your own organization's site. We welcome
      your feedback!

      Ken Bernstein
      City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources

      Ctr. for the Arts ER News

      Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock (2225 Colorado Blvd) is pleased to
      present "Paradise Regained: Visionary Ecology and the Terrain of
      Ideals", a group show featuring the work of artists Deena Caparelli,
      Andreas Hessing, Deborah F. Lawrence, Kathryn Miller, Marc Pally, and
      Kim Stringfellow. Opening Saturday Oct. 27 and continuing through Dec.
      15, the exhibit is curated by artist and environmental arts activist
      Helen Lessick. For more info, visit www.centerartseaglerock.org

      Cactus Gallery Calls...

      OPEN CALL :: MARIAN DEVOTION - a group show featuring imagery of the
      Queen of Heaven

      Cactus Gallery is looking for artists and artisans who depict Madonna,
      Mary, La virgencita de Guadalupe, Our Lady in their artwork. All media
      will be considered. Work should exemplify the maternal bond
      (compassion, grief, love, tenderness) that Mary represents. Show
      scheduled to run November 10 - December 6, 2007. Work must be in by
      November 6th. Send jpegs, bio, website link to Sandra at
      semastroianni70@... TODAY !!!

      OPEN CALL :: TINY TREASURES 2 - a group show featuring small scale works

      Cactus Gallery is pleased to accept work for a miniatures show. CASH &
      CARRY show. Accessibly priced art to give as stocking stuffers. We are
      looking for work in the 8"x8" or smaller range. Theme open. Please
      send jpegs of work, bio and website link to semastroianni70@...
      by November 15th. Show scheduled to run from December 8 - January 10,

      Cactus Gallery :: 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd., Eagle Rock,
      CA 90041 :: 323.256.6117 ::
      :: http://myspace.com/cactusgallery

      News from Auntie Em's

      Hi Everybody:

      We've come up with a special new catered menu, perfect for your
      upcoming holiday parties and get-togethers - learn more at

      Please let us know how we can help you with your entertainment plans
      this holiday season by contacting Elayne at esawaya@... or

      Thank you,

      Terri Wahl and the staff at Auntie Em's Kitchen

      email: e.letter@...
      phone: 323-799-1190
      web: http://www.tera90041.org

      TERA, The Eagle Rock Association | P.O. Box 41453 | Eagle Rock | CA |
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