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31938American Tribal Style belly dance class

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  • asncalert
    Aug 19 10:03 PM

      Yuska Lutfi, Glassell Park Central

      Hi, everyone. I'm starting a new series of level 1 classes of American Tribal Style belly dance.

      American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance was created and developed by Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance. ATS is a group improvisational dance form and uses a vocabulary of natural movements and cues where dancers communicate through gestures and eye contact. For more information, visit www.fcbd.com.

      Classes are at Live Arts LA (4210 Panamint St, on the corner of Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, 90065) and are held every Saturday (2-3 pm) and Thursday (6-7 pm). Drop-in is $14.

      For more information, please go to www.tuanakotta.com.

      Thank you!