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31745Belvedere Pool, Reimagining Libraries, and MORE!

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  • asncalert
    Jul 18, 2014

      I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Last week we opened up the first public, outdoor, Olympic-size swimming pool in East L.A. – you should check it out!  We also had an open house at Leland R. Weaver Library in South Gate and opened up the newly renovated South El Monte Library!  I also want to tell you about the free concerts that are available to you in the First District this summer and take a look back at the County’s CEO - William T Fujioka.

      Enjoy the newsletter, and enjoy your weekend!

                                           – G     


      Reimagining Libraries


      The Leland R. Weaver Library in South Gate re-opened following $2.6 million worth of upgrades to the facility!  Growing up in Pico Rivera, the local library was like a second home to me and it is my hope that the Leland R. Weaver Library can serve as a safe haven for South Gate youth and their families.  The remodeled Leland R. Weaver Library is part of my effort to ‘reimagine libraries’ by modernizing, upgrading, and expanding them so they can function both as centers of learning and as community gathering spaces.   On Wednesday, I attended an open house that showcased the summer book reading program.  The library also did a free book giveaway!  MORE 



      Music to Your Ears


      An array of musical acts will be performing in local parks from East L.A. through the San Gabriel Valley!  These will be family-friendly concerts featuring music from popular standards and jazz to mariachi and world music.  Concerts are scheduled through October in parks, outdoor amphitheaters, community centers, libraries and museums.  This online directory is accessible to the general public. Artists included are chosen by a panel of experienced and respected music professionals based on artistic excellence, cultural diversity and the ability to work cooperatively with other organizations as representatives of the Free Concerts program.  MORE 



      Just Add Water


      East L.A. got the gold!  I’m pleased to announce that last Saturday we opened the first outdoor, public Olympic-size pool on L.A. County’s Eastside – the Belvedere Aquatic Center in unincorporated East L.A.!  It’s the only Olympic-size pool in the entire L.A. County Parks & Recreation network.  Hopefully, this $14 million investment will give Eastside kids a chance to become competitive swimmers.  MORE 



       Looking Back: William T Fujioka


      Last week, my friend and colleague William T Fujioka announced that he will be retiring in November.  I want to wish him the best with his upcoming retirement.  He has been an excellent CEO for Los Angeles County and his experience will still prove invaluable.  MORE 



      East Los Angeles Field Office

      4801 East Third Street

      Los Angeles, CA 90022

      Phone: (323) 881-4601

      Fax: (323) 887-7286


      Hall of Administration Office

      856 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration

      500 West Temple Street

      Los Angeles, CA 90012

      Phone: (213) 974-4111

      Fax: (213) 613-1739


      El Monte Field Office

      3400 Aerojet Avenue, Suite 240

      El Monte, CA 91731

      Phone: (626) 350-4500

      Fax: (626) 448-1573





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