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30194Highland Park Farmer's Market on Tuesdays

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  • asncalert
    Nov 21, 2013
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      LIVE in Highland Park!!!   Step up and be a part of some lively folks who give thanks - for whatever.   Are you grateful?  Are you thankful for the food you eat?  Do you have a good friend you'd like to give a shout out?  Or maybe you miss your Gramma's birthday cards (and the $10 checks she sent?)

      Come on down to the Old L.A. Farmers Market on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, then step up to the mic and share what or why you're grateful. The event goal is to get 100 people to remind us all to be thankful (hey, it's Thanksgiving soon.)  Let's all be grateful, even for the little things. 

      We're located at Ave. 58 and Figueroa, market hours from 3 to 8.

      Christopher Nyerges <christopher_nyerges@...>

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