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30036Book Reading: Remembering Frida 11/17

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  • asncalert
    Oct 31 8:09 PM
      Remembering Frida 

      Chicana/o essays, music, and art reflecting on the impact of Frida on our lives

      Roberta La Vela Orona-Cordova, editor

      Selected Contributors:

      Maria Elena Fernandez
      Toni Garcia
      Lara Medina
      Sybil Venegas

      Sunday, November 17, 2-4:00 p.m.

      In the Chicana coming of age, Frida Kahlo embodied the whole notion of culture for Chicana women. She represented all that we valued: courage, activism, personal strength, familia, beauty and artistic creativity. Individually and collectively she became an imagined ancestor we not only wanted, but needed. Her iconic image, her paintings and her struggle as a woman inspired us and moved us forward in our own movimiento.  —Amalia Mesa Bains

      Roberta Orona-Cordova’s Remembering Frida chronicles the life of Frida and the impact she’s made on Chicana women. The publication includes eleven original essays from a diverse group of authors along with Questions for Consideration and Response to expand learning opportunities and to reinforce comprehension of the material presented.

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