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30029Semiluna: New Work by Laura Marchetti opens this Saturday at Curve Line Space

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  • asncalert
    Oct 30, 2013



      This Saturday, head over to Curve Line Space to see new work from our Director of Education, Laura Marchetti.

               SemilunĂ¡, a Romanian word meaning crescent, or half, moon, informs this exhibition as a visual representation of the feeling of being on the verge.  This series started out as the result of a journey to an old world to further understand the impact of tradition and group religious experience, post-indoctrination.

      I came back to Romania in 2010, years after spending time there as a child of missionaries.  It was my goal to understand more fully the fragmented memories, from that period, by visiting family friends and documenting as much as possible. Within the photographs I took to document my personal travel, I found two complementary sets of images, which originated this painting series. One set of photos was of individual interactions: friendships, gifts, and small, quiet moments.  The other set was primarily of Eastern Orthodox Church services I attended, and documentation of traditions and rituals that felt imposingly large.


      Opening Reception: Saturday, November 2, 7 - 10pm

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      About the Artist

      Laura Marchetti was born in Northern California in 1987.  Her evangelistic family moved often, and subsequently traveled to Romania, finally settling in northern Florida.  She currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She makes paintings and sculptures about growing up steeped in protestant Christian rituals and lexicon, asking the viewer to consider the residual aspects of indoctrination. She graduated from California Institute of the Arts in May 2009, with a BFA in Art and is currently the Director of Education at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. 


                      Curve Line Space is located at:

      1577 Colorado Blvd

      Los Angeles, CA 90041

      Tue-Fri 10-6pm

      Sat 12-4