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19868FW: three Hollywood kittens

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  • ASNCAlert <ASNCAlert@yahoogroups.com>
    Nov 29, 2010



    From: Karen Pedersen [mailto:karen.leafygreen@...]
    Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 9:38 AM


    These 3 little sister kittens are about 14 weeks old, pearly gray tabby-calico, eartipped.  They were rescued from a pretty miserable vacant lot on Fountain in Hollywood. 
    Somebody already spayed and eartipped them - but we cannot determine who. Anyway, they're taming down, are very pretty, healthy, getting
    tested this week, and need a home, temp or permanent as soon as possible.  THANK YOU for forwarding the pix and putting the plea out there to friends and family.